PUBG Mobile is dropping various indications through web-based network media that it will download its Miramar 2.0 guide on May 7.

Tencent Games has stated that it will release PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 on May 7. Another Pocket-Lint report recommends that this is also the date the organization will discover a recently updated map.

As stated in the report, the organization in some of its tweets produced with PUBG Mobile’s authority identifier has included the Morse Code sideways with the images. Morse code is a type of correspondence that uses motes and runs.

Morse code when decoding gives singular words, “UPDATE”, “NEW MAPS”, “Caution”, “MIRAMAR” and “5-7”. This is not a specific request, however 5-7 is, by all accounts, the date, which is May 7. Miramar is a guide on the great method of the game, the update refers to the 0.18.0 update that is downloaded on May 7, and finally, the NEWMAPS expression indicates another guide.

Building on snippets of previous gossip, this may involve updating the Miramar 2.0 guide, which is now accessible to players within the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 beta update.

As noted, the beta adaptation of update 0.18.0 brings another early tilt, another Golden Mirado vehicle, and candy machines that will handle painkillers and medicine cabinets. It will also include another area called Water City. In addition, the designs will be completely improved, in accordance with the update of the Erangel 2.0 guide.

Another indication that points to the arrival of the new guide was detected in the declaration of the date of registration of the update made by the organization on Twitter. The statement was attached to a video showing a candy machine and began with a thunderous noise from the vehicle. The vehicle must be the so-called Golden Mirado. Both must be part of the Miramar 2.0 guide.

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In addition to the Miramar 2.0 guide, the update should bring the extension of two new game modes: the Safety Scramble mode and the Jungle Adventure Guide mode. Both will be accessible in the EvoGround menu.

Reflecting your PC partner, the organization will also include a blue area on the back which will continue to appear randomly in the circle of the protected area. In addition, like the outer circle of the blue area, this will also affect the well-being of the players.

The update will also get all the essential changes for season 13, which will start in the not too distant future. Season 12 will end soon.