PUBG Mobile has finally released one of the most anticipated modes called Ranked Arena Mode. Arena mode has been one of the most popular modes in the game since its launch. However, players pushing their ranks in the game had to choose between classic mode and arena mode because players couldn’t push their ranks while playing TDM, etc.

The developers of PUBG Mobile have taken feedback from players and introduced an in-game event called Ranked Arena Event. It will be active for a limited time where players can push their ranks by playing in TDM mode, Domination mode, etc. Here are the full details of the new classified arena event.

But what about climbing the ladder? Throughout the Bronze rankings, you will need to win enough matches to earn the points needed to pass through 5 divisions of each league. The first appropriate reward, a classic receipt, is distributed when you reach gold, with a spooky helmet unlocked at Diamond. Reach the top 1000 on your server at the end of the event and you will get the Arena Master badge – something that should scare those who find you on the opposing team in future matches.

How to rank up in arena

Following the usual course in your favorite matches in the arena won’t get you very far during this qualifying season. Instead of queuing to get your best map on the Arena tab, you should specifically select two “Classified Arena” slots below your usual tab on the left side of the mode selection screen.

The reason is quite simple: you have no choice in which arena match you will be in this qualifying season. It does not have a separate note for each card / mode. Instead, you have to be good at all. You will have to learn the complexity of the cards and come with the appropriate undetected pubg hacks for your style of play.

PUBG Mobile Classified Arena Options

Classified arena maps

For insiders, Arena consists of three different maps in two different modes. TDM and Assault are the same; they only take place on different maps.

Team Deathmatch

This simple 4v4 showdown takes place on the small Warehouse map. The mission is simple: be the first team to secure 40 murders.

Respawns and fast and unlimited, health regenerates automatically, but apart from the LMG in the center, you’re stuck with the weapons you enter or whatever you choose to loot from those left behind. Equipment such as helmets can be found along the flanks, but you will have to climb into dangerous territory to grab them.


Using the same set of rules in Team Deathmatch, Assault is more of the same: it only takes place on the City or Ruins map. Ruins is a larger map with runners and long runners, while Town is a circular map with more distinct battle zones in between.


Taking place once again on the city map, Domination is a King of the Hill mode. One of the three sections of the map lights up at once and must be occupied by a team member long enough to capture it. The first team to capture three points wins.