In this article, we examine the legitimacy of Is Jamarlmarkisha a Legitor fraud is transparent.

Are you looking to buy a brand fresh set of tyres? Have you ripped the old one off? You’ll be searching for new tires on various sites, but may be confused on what is a suitable option.

The United States, there are numerous tyre firms and online markets for tyres. The website is said to be the top site to sell tyres. They offer a variety of tyres available in all sizes. Does Jamarlmarkisha Legit is it legitimateor scam? Let’s see in subsequent sections.

Is legit?

  • Website date: this website was made on 19 October 2001. This means that it’s been five months and 19 days to the present
  • Alexa rank:Alexa ranking for this website is 10270613. These are the lowest ranking for a business.
  • Trust score of the website:the trust score of SEO on this website is extremely low, which is just 11%. Businesses with such low scores are usually frauds.
  • Social Media:We haven’t found anything on this site about social media.

Jamarlmarkisha Revieware vital to clear the mind and make sense of the content of any site. Reviews are also essential since they reveal the truth about the product and company.

  • Copy Content:we found that this website contains copies of content that are 67% copied from other websites.
  • Review by customers:there are no reviews on the official site. Additionally, they don’t provide any kind of social media channels which we could find reviews from customers or information about the business.
  • Validity of the contact address:we found the contact address on this site is for a house that is not located in the United States.
  • Owner’s details:no information available regarding the owner.
  • Policy on exchange and returns:return along with exchange rules are not obvious.


Does Jamarlmarkisha Legitor fake? It is well-understood by the information we have found on the site. But, the website claims to carry various types of tyres of all the top brands. However, the necessary information is not available which means that we cannot buy any item from the website as of now. Additionally, it would be wonderful to know further specifications of this site.


  • Type of site:Jamarlmarkisha is a tyre selling business that operates via the internet as a platform.
  • The date of this site:19 October 2021
  • Web address:
  • Phone number+1 202-389-9435
  • Email id:

Does Jamarlmarkisha Legit? We figured out the majority of the information on this website, however, we must be certain before declaring any website to be fraudulent or not legitimate. This is why additional information will aid in understanding this website and determining the legitimacy of the site.

  • Price of the product:USD
  • Contact number:2064 Lakeland Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107, USA
  • Sorting and Filter optionAvailable across all items.
  • Delivery and shipping:shipment is made across the USA in 2 to 5 days.
  • Method of payment:Paypal, credit card debit card, Amex.

Pros to confirm: Is Jamarlmarkisha legitimate?

  • Contact information for basic contact is readily accessible, such as mobile number as well as email address and address. This can be useful in the event that the company is genuine.
  • Sort and filter options are available, making shopping quick and easy.
  • A variety of brands are available for tires in various sizes.
  • They also offer a warranty and repair service if the item is damaged or ripped apart during the warranty time.


  • Only 1% of websites trust score.
  • 67% of the Plagiarism found on this site appears to suggest they’ve copied material from a different website.
  • The address on this site is also fake since it is an address for a residential neighborhood.

Jamarlmarkisha Reviews

The reviews are useful, if they’re available, but there is no single review on any site or product. Also, you should check out social media however, there is no evidence that this site. As we look through these negative and disturbing circumstances on the website you cannot purchase any product on this site. 


It is believed that is a fake website due to the fact that all information that is available on this site is false, and additional essential information is not available. Does Jamarlmarkisha appear to be Legit :No it’s a scam.