More Than a Hotel 

When choosing accommodation for a trip, you want something more than just a hotel. Instead, you want an experience that will allow you to create just as many memories as everything else on the trip, and you can find that here A hotel isn’t just a bed for the night, it’s an opportunity to be looked after by somebody else for a change. In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s nice to have somebody looking out for you and ensuring that you get proper rest. 

When booking hotels, we tend to think of the bed. If it’s convenient for our stay, it works. However, it’s more than a hotel. This is the place that will become your home for one, two, seven, or many more nights. You need to feel comfortable not just physically but mentally too. 

When you book somewhere in Freycinet National Park, you’re already proving that it’s more than just a hotel. Just imagine looking out of floor-to-ceiling windows and overlooking parts of the national park. Surrounded by greenery, you’ll struggle to remember a time when you felt so relaxed – and it’s not surprising that tours around Tasmania often feature the location. One of the best locations for this sort of experience is Saffire Freycinet. 

Sure, you get a bed. However, you also get the following: 

  • An all-inclusive experience (breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)
  • Various experiences 
  • Spa facilities 
  • Exquisite cuisine 
  • Friendly customer service 

In terms of experiences, these are a great way to complement your stay at the hotel. Lasting between one and three hours, you might want the Tasmanian Devil Experience, Beekeeping Experience, Pelican Bay Kayaking and Bird-Watching, Wineglass Lookout Walk, Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm, Freycinet Bays and Capes Walk, and other experiences. 

Enjoy Scenic Views of the Bay 

Often, the second-most important factor for people booking a hotel after the room itself is the views. When staying in Freycinet National Park, you will have scenic views wherever you look. With picturesque views all around, it will be like living in your very own postcard. Send images to your friends and they won’t believe the sight from your window. Naturally, this also means incredible new social media profile pictures and cover images. 

As well as stunning views of the national park, you will also overlook the bay at Saffire Freycinet. Many people who check into Saffire Freycinet walk in and can’t stop themselves from saying one word – wow. In fact, you are likely to love the views so much that you won’t want to leave the room. More than a hotel, this is the sort of experience that you don’t mind sticking around to enjoy. Rather than going in search of local restaurants and experiences, everything you need is available in this wonderful location.

Freycinet National Park

When visiting Freycinet National Park, you’ll enter a new level of relaxation that you didn’t even know existed. Viewed from any angle, the national park is breathtaking – be sure to charge your camera or phone because you will be taking lots of pictures. 

If you plan to explore the national park, do your research ahead of time because then you won’t leave feeling as though you haven’t done everything that you wanted to do. While some love to explore the rocky covers, others want to traverse the Hazards (the granite mountain range). Meanwhile, you can also learn about the cultural heritage of the area alongside the nature and conservation side of things in the national park. 

If you want to get away from the stress of the world, there are fewer better locations in Tasmania and Australia than the Freycinet National Park!