Tactical flashlights can be a lifesaver in various situations. However, clear lenses emitting white light may attract more danger than keeping you safe.  So, for ensuring safety while hunting or camping at night, a safer light source is required.

The bright light source can disturb the nightlife of the forest. The worst-case scenario is, your prey may turn into a predator due to the bright light. Therefore, you’ll need a light source that will enable you to see yourself clearly yet won’t disturb the wildlife.

A red lens flashlight can be your savior in such cases. It won’t disturb the nightlife, yet you will be able to find animals easily with these flashlights. Here we will discuss the uses of red lens flashlights in detail.

What are Red Lens Flashlights?

Red lens flashlights are normal flashlights emitting red light. These flashlights can feature red LED lights, or the lens can also be tainted with red color. Either way, the flashlights will emit red light.

Some may paint their flashlight’s lens with a red marker or red nail polish to make it emit red light. Some also use red cloth and rubber bands for an easy fix. Although it can work in some instances, it’s not a permanent fix.

If you go camping or hunting often, consider buying a red lens flashlight for the best benefits.

Why Consider Using a Red Flashlight Lens

There are several reasons you should consider using a red lens flashlight. The military has experimented with various colored lenses. At last, they found out the red lens flashlights are suitable for working under most conditions.

So, here are a few reasons to consider using red lens flashlights.

Improved Night Vision

If you are hunting at night, among other instruments, you’ll need night vision glasses. These glasses provide additional illumination to see better at night.

Traditional flashlights can disturb your vision through night vision glasses. Even if the light shines directly upon your eye, it can blind you temporarily or permanently. With bright light, the effectiveness of the night vision glasses decreases, and more difficulties appear.

In the case of red light, it’s not too bright to reduce the effectiveness of night vision. Also, it’s not too dim that it doesn’t allow you to see. Among all the visible lights, red light works best with night vision glasses. Therefore, you can comfortably use your red lens flashlight with night vision glasses.

Lower Light Profile

The white light is very bright. Therefore, if you are using a flashlight emitting white light, it will make you quite noticeable. On the other hand, red light has the highest wavelength among the visible light. Therefore, red light doesn’t scatter much and has a lower light profile.

Also, white light can disturb the animals. It will make you more exposed to the animals you are trying to hunt. As a result, they will flee or can attack you to protect themselves.

So, instead of white light, red light will provide you more comfort while hunting.


Red light is the most common light used for signaling others. It is possible to get lost or separated from your team while hunting. In such cases, you can use your red light flashlights to signal your peers.

As red light is very popular for signaling, no one will ignore it. Also, it won’t be mistaken as a random reflection of light. Also, your team can know it’s you, not something or someone harmful. This is a very common use of red lens flashlights.

Is a Red Lens Flashlight Suitable for You?

For general situations and emergency purposes, a red lens flashlight may not be suitable for you. Red light is not very bright and doesn’t scatter much. So, it may not be suitable for getting immediate attention.

However, while camping and hunting, you may want to attract less attention to yourself. Otherwise, your enemy or other predatory animals may spot you and harm you. If you often face such situations, red lens flashlights are perfect for you.

There are many flashlights in the market where you can switch lights for the best benefits. These flashlights can provide you with both white and red lights. Some flashlights will have both red and white LED lights and can be switched with the press of buttons.

If you want a multi-purpose flashlight, make sure to get one that allows you to install lenses or switch lights.

Bottom Line

Flashlights can come in handy in various situations. Additionally, the color of light your flashlight is emitting can make a huge difference. So, make sure what situations you are often in and decide what kind of flashlight is suitable for you.

If you are in the military or like to hunt at night, a red lens flashlight is an excellent gadget that you must have.