Richard Roundtree remains one of cinematic history’s most striking and captivating figures, known both for his talents on- and off-screen. A powerful presence, Roundtree had an extraordinary acting career while leading an intriguing offscreen life that offered many surprises and adventures. This article explores his life in depth to reveal insights into his career, family and legacy.

Who was Richard Roundtree

Richard Roundtree is an American actor, former model and a Hollywood icon. His portrayal of John Shaft, in the film “Shaft”, cemented him as one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors. Not only was it iconic, but his portrayal became synonymous with Blaxploitation films.

Roundtree made waves in the modeling industry long before Shaft was released. Eunice W. Johnston discovered Roundtree in the early 1960s. His chiseled face and charismatic personality soon made it to the big screen. Richard has more than 150 acting credit in his career. He is a versatile actor who excels at more than just action roles.

His fight with breast cancer – a rare diagnosis in men – not only demonstrated his resilience, but also turned him into a champion. He actively raised awareness of male breast cancer using his platform and championed the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Mary Jane Grant is Richard Roundtree’s wife.

Mary Jane Grant is a mysterious and significant figure in Richard Roundtree’s life. She is often recognizable due to their marital connection. Mary Jane Grant is the mother of two children born to Richard Roundtree, which is a testament to her marriage.

As is often the case with celebrity couples, however, their marriage ended and divorce proceedings began. Details about their courtship, separation and divorce have mostly remained private. However, their children’s legacy is clear.

Mary Jane chose discretion in a world that scrutinizes every celebrity relationship. Mary Jane’s life after divorce has been kept largely hidden from prying media eyes, allowing for her personal story to be told.

Meet Richard Roundtree’s Children

Richard Roundtree’s legacy is carried on by his children. Richard Roundtree’s children, who are the result of two marriages and five children in total, have taken on a variety of journeys.

  • John James Roundtree, Also known as Jay, has made a name for himself in the athletic world. Jay’s expertise as a coach of soccer was honed after a memorable tenure at Jesuit High School.
  • Tayler roundtree: Tayler is a passionate equestrienne. Her love for horses comes through. She has established herself as an accomplished jumping instructor by training with renowned professionals.
  • Morgan Roundtree : Morgan Roundtree has devoted herself to international politics, avoiding the entertainment industry. She has a background in media and communication for business, as well as a strong association with UN Women.
  • Nicole Roundtree & Kelli: Nicole and Kelli both chose to live a life away from the media, maintaining a normal sense of existence despite their famous father.

Richard Roundtree Net Worth

It’s only natural that a career with such a rich history as Richard Roundtree would lead to financial success. Richard Roundtree’s estimated net worth is $2 million as of 2023.

Richard’s varied roles in film and TV are evident of his financial success. Nominated for a Golden Globe and garnering critical acclaim for his portrayal of Shaft earned him multiple notable projects like Se7en and Desperate Housewives.

Richard has always been an important figure in the entertainment industry, despite his personal challenges.


Richard Roundtree’s journey is a fascinating look at resilience, talent and dedication. Richard was known for living a full and varied life; from performing on New York streets in Shaft to raising breast cancer awareness campaigns and beyond, leaving an impressive legacy through family, work and the entertainment industry.


  1. Who was Richard Roundtree?
    • Richard Roundtree, an American actor best known for his role as John Shaft from the 1971 movie “Shaft”, is a legend.
  2. What was the first wife of Richard Roundtree?
    • Mary Jane Grant, Richard Roundtree’s first wife had two children with him before they divorced.
  3. How many children has Richard Roundtree?
    • Richard Roundtree is the father of five children, born from two marriages. His interests range from international politics to athletics.
  4. What was the most significant health issue that Roundtree faced?
    • Richard Roundtree bravely fought male breast cancer, and became an advocate for Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  5. What is Richard Roundtree estimated net worth by 2023?
    • Richard Roundtree is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million by 2023. This reflects his successful career as an actor.