Have you shopped anywhere else that sells utility items and stylish clothing lately? We will talk about Rushfabb.com, which has been published recently on the web. To get Rushfabb Reviews, we suggest that you read this full survey that we provide in this post. It will take you to a transport without tricks and will protect your money from falling into any extortion. The site is from India and sells different utility items and style garments. The webshop is new and only four days old.

Rushfabb Reviews - Is This Rushfabb Online Portal Legit?

What is Rushfabb?

It is an online portal that offers multiple products on one site. Includes bags, dress, robe, kitchen appliances and kitchen, jeans, salwar suit, lehengas, etc. It offers products from India to the West, which are suitable for various occasions. It also includes kitchen appliances and appliances, which are our daily needs. So, in other words, we can say that it has almost all the products that are required in our day to day.

Rushfabb reviews give the opinion that it is a brand new website that is not even a year old so figuring out whether it is a legitimate website or not becomes a difficult task.

Specifications of Rushfabb.com

Webstore kind – Online retailers of fashion clothing and utility items
Online Store Country – India
Shipping costs – Free worldwide
Returns – Available within seven days
Office address – Not available
Email ID – support@rushfabb.com
Social media presence – None

Benefits of buying from Rushfabb

The online store offers a wide variety of fashion clothes.
Shipping is free to customers all over the world.


There aren’t many reviews that indicate this is a scam.
The products are a bit expensive with the shipping costs.

Is Rushfabb Legit?

At first the homepage shows that the site is relatively reliable and genuine, but we can’t claim that by just looking at the homepage.

There are no reviews for this website. It also has an HTTPS domain, and it’s transparent as well. Hence, it is difficult to say whether it is legit or a scam.

What do the reviews say on the website?

This website provides various products on one site, so it’s hard to say if it’s legit. But according to our research as well as reviews on Rushfabb, the site has a real HTTPS domain. This does not prove that the website is not a scam.

There are no reviews on Trustpilot and Alexa, which triggers the red alert against this site. It is not clear if consumers are in conflict with this site.

Final verdict:

This website is based in India and works nationwide with its shipping method. It provides various products necessary for our daily life.

There is not much notice regarding the authenticity of the website. Therefore, we suggest that you check this website regularly to gain confidence. Without gaining confidence in the site, couldn’t you indulge yourself in it blindly?