To make it easier for young South Africans to find employment and learn, a national trail management network has been created. This platform will complement South Africa’s efforts to create physical spaces for young people to access information, support, and opportunities.

Register with SA Youth via or After registering with You can create a profile to view learning opportunities and earn money, and you can also receive help through multiple channels.

The network is open to anyone in South Africa between the ages of 18 and 34. A South African or refugee identification number is required. To update your contact details and introduce yourself to SA Youth, call 0800 72 72 72.

Find out more about SA Jeunesse:

Membership of the association is 100% free. At no time will a teenager have to spend money to be fundamental for the association and access one of its functions or advantages.

The mobi-site, is also 100% data-free. This implies that young people do not need to have data on their phone, PC or tablet to access SA Youth resources.

They also turn to a full helpline (0800 727272) if they need help, sponsorship or advice.

Anyone developed between 15 and 34 years old can join the association

They must be South African or give a refugee identification number to select

The SA Youth mobi-site is online and open to adolescents for immediate use. The Presidency will soon definitively dispatch the association in an extensive manner.

The SA Youth mobi-site is live and available for teenagers to use immediately. The Presidency will soon legitimately send the association on a global scale.

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Fundamental guidelines for the SA Youth association:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your ID number – if your ID currently exists on the system, you may have already registered with SA Youth or Harambee or Tshepo 1Million. If it’s not that difficult, press Login again and use your ID number and existing mystery key.
  3. No matter when you enlisted and agreed to the terms and conditions, respond to all inquiries with compassion. This cycle will take you about 4 minutes.
  4. After responding to all inquiries, various opportunities available near you will be displayed. If it’s not that difficult, click on an opportunity that interests you and apply.