Finding the right venue can be challenging when launching a product, setting up a business, or just networking with like-minded individuals.

To make an event successful and memorable, it is essential to find a remarkable place that aligns with the nature of an event.

Not that you’ll be short on finding a fantastic place for business meetings once you start looking, but once you figure out what you need for an event, finding a place that suits your taste could be challenging.

So, the first thing you should do is make a list of amenities you’ll need at your venue; it will help you stay on track and make venue hunting easier and simpler.

You can easily filter out options that do not include things mentioned on your list.

Budget is the crucial factor that plays a significant role while finalizing a venue for corporate events and business meetings. Some locations aren’t cheap, so you have to be vigilant when finalizing an event for your meetings.

Make a list of your expenses, including the location’s cost, catering, office services, equipment rentals, etc. Ask and consider the complimentary services offered by the venue.

With that in mind, here are ten ways that you can use to find unique venues for business meetings.

The Executive Centre  

When looking for an event space in Singapore, check out the Executive Centre – a platform that gives you tailor-made space to meet your growing business needs, enterprise solutions, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, and visual offices.

It is a high-quality service provider that meets all your business needs by providing you with customized floor plans and furnishings.

Premium quality interiors with high-performance IT infrastructure are unique features of venues listed on the executive center’s website.

It has 150 venues in more than 32 cities, which means you’ll find a fantastic venue, no matter where you are.


Cvent is a website that provides information about venue sourcing, event marketing, registration, management, etc. It features more than 234,000+ venues across the globe for events.

Cvent can help you narrow down event locations that fit your specific demands and specifications according to the event type.

Moreover, it helps you check the configuration of capacity on the floor plan, property-wise image galleries, and many other special offers.

One of the best features of Cvent is that you can even compare proposals in one spot by sending one request for proposal to all of your choices.


Kapow is another website that allows users to book and manage scalable and essential business and corporate events. You can avail yourself of the facilities of local event planners at one-of-a-kind venues with national partnerships.

Various options are available for corporate events, business meetings, client events, and business parties that you can check out by browsing their event marketplace.

By booking online, you may check slots for availability on their websites. Kapow helps you discover unique and creative ideas for events through galleries or their 24/7 available event planning experts.


Aventri gives you access to search through map-based venues and finalize your decision by selecting a venue and type of space.

You can also send requests for proposals to all of your top choices from the platform of Aventri. One of the striking differences that makes it unique from other platforms is its feature of automated communication among clients and prospects.


eVenues can help you get through if you want to rent a space for an event. It is an online self-service tool that gives control in your hand to develop, operate, and aggregate a venue search.

With eVenues, you can easily book an event space and focus your time and energy on other fulfilling and essential tasks for making an event a hit.


EVENTup brings you a list of comprehensive marketplace ideas for venue sourcing of events according to your city.

It gives event planners leverage to browse venues for events with specific filters. In addition, you can also review detailed information about features and the availability of location.

After finding a venue that fulfills all your needs, you can connect with event spaces to book locations easily and quickly.


Venuefinder is a UK-based platform that gives access to a database including more than 15,000 locations in Great Britain for events. Furthermore, it also features plenty of venues across the globe.

Its advanced and powerful search feature helps you filter out suitable venues. You can also count on the concierge service of the Venuefinder to rely on the team to take control of their hands.


LiquidSpace is the best place for corporate event planners looking for meeting rooms and office spaces in a hurry.

It gives plenty of options to reserve office spaces and large meeting rooms. This platform can help you with last-minute off-site bookings.

Customize your venue search based on the time needed for an event, nature of event, amenities, and availability. You can book a venue on the LiquidSpace website.


Snappening is a platform created by a real-life user who got stuck in a real-life situation to design a memorable and exceptional event.

With the help of this tool, you can save valuable time up to 4-8 hours for venue hunting. However, this website offers limited access to selected cities only.


Regus offers the largest marketplace for high-quality and fully serviced workspaces and co-working spaces for teams to collaborate. Large meeting rooms per hour booking are also available on the Regus.

You can easily find and book a venue from an extensivespaces database. You can even find suitable venues at a train station or an airport with all the facilities you are looking for can be arranged with the help of the Regus.

Once you’re done renting out the space, you can easily design and customize the floor plan to fulfill your needs.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make a venue a perfect fit for an event physically and financially, you must invest time and energy for proper planning and well-thought execution.

In general, unique venues such as a new museum, an art gallery, an aquarium, or a public garden are much cheaper options than high-class conference rooms for business meetings.

But you must consider the nature of attendees, ambiance, and the amenities you need for corporate meetings before making a final choice.