How you accessorise your table says much about your personality and aesthetic sense. Tables covered with rattan placemats are both attractive and practical. They go wonderfully with both summer and winter tablescapes, and their composition makes it possible to use them even outside. They are the best option if you want your setup to look good. However, choosing a particular placemat fibre is challenging, given the wide variety of alternatives at wildly varying prices. This article is for people who have never given much attention to purchasing table mats. Several variables might change which table mat best fits your needs and preferences.

Placemats: The New Trend

Placemats have been around since the Roman era, despite popular belief that they are a product of modern living (short meals, typically alone, sometimes in front of the television). Napkins were also used as tablecloths in Roman culture. The Romans took pride in the aesthetic value of their tables and did not cover them entirely.

These days, placemats may be found at both casual and formal dinners, provided they are made from high-quality materials. You may choose from a wide range of designs, making them ideal for making elaborate and unique table centrepieces.

Finding the Proper Placemat: A Guide

Not everyone enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect placemat. For this reason, this post will prove invaluable. It’s important to have appropriate placemats for each meal. Various sizes, styles, colours, and materials exist for different occasions.

The size and form of your table and chairs are other factors to consider when selecting placemats.

Establish your reason for using it. This might be for the sake of amusement, product promotion, aesthetic enhancement, or just regular use. After deciding what you need it for, you may choose from the many online and in-store options.

What to Look for When Purchasing Placemats

Perfect Measurements

The truth is there is no “correct” size for a placemat. That is why You must consider your final goal first. It has been found that placemats 14 inches broad and 20 inches long are the most popular size with buyers.

When several people are seated at a table, smaller placemats are utilised so that everyone knows where they should be sitting without detracting from the table’s aesthetics.


While the visual appeal of a placemat is certainly significant, the quality of the material used is as crucial. In today’s market, you may get placemats made of just about everything. From linen and cotton to bamboo and synthetics like rayon and PVC, there is a wide variety of fabrics from which to choose.

Although rattan placemats are more eco-friendly, they are more long-lasting and low-maintenance.

The Material of the Furniture

You do not want to consider using a hardwood placemat on a glass-topped table. Your only injury will be a few scrapes. It’s important to utilise placemats on your dining table, regardless of the table’s material, but doing so will extend its life and preserve its condition.

Make sure the placemat you pick won’t wind up being what causes your furniture to get damaged.

The Ideal Serving Temperature

While most customers are preoccupied with finding the perfect spot for their tablecloths, the server has already started bringing out the meal. Make sure the placemats can withstand the heat from the plates.

Do People No Longer Use Placemats?

That’s a strong “no”. Placemats are a must-have in most homes since they protect the furniture from spills, reduce the time spent cleaning, are simple to clean and store, and don’t break the bank.

The purpose for which you’ll be using the rattan placemats and your budget will determine the kind of placemat you should choose. Truthfully, no magic tricks are employed. Greater investment usually results in greater quality and longevity.