The gaming community has been buzzing over the latest leaks regarding the highly anticipated Valorant Overdrive Skin Bundle. The excitement for this new skin has reached new levels with the release of version 7.12 of the 2023 final patch update. The Overdrive collection is a cosmetic upgrade that will enhance your gaming experience. This article explores all of the details known about the Overdrive Skin Collection in Valorant.

Release date of Overdrive skin bundle

Riot Games is yet to confirm the exact release date of the Valorant Overdrive bundle. However, there are many clues that point towards a launch imminent. Chromedek 2.0 and Sentinels of Light v2.0 collections are about to be rotated from the in-game store. The timing of the events and the influx of leaks online suggest that the Overdrive Collection could be released on December 7 or 8 2023. These dates may differ depending on where the player lives, but they represent a good window to launch the highly anticipated Overdrive collection.

A closer look at the weapons in the Overdrive collection

Overdrive’s skin collection will feature a variety of weapons with their own unique appeal. The Overdrive skin collection features skins for Vandal, Bucky and Sheriff as well as a special skin called Melee. These weapons are popular not only in casual play, but also in professional tournaments. The animation of the Melee skin is reminiscent to the beloved RGX 11z Pro Blade. Overdrive is said to be a skin from the Exclusive rarity level, which promises unique visual and sound effects to transform the aesthetics of the weapons. The weapons will also have captivating animations, enhancing the player’s overall experience.

Upgrades and Variants in the Overdrive Collection

The Overdrive Skin collection offers more than the standard designs. The Overdrive skin collection includes three color variants: Onyx, Cobalt and Bubblegum. Radianite points can be used to upgrade the weapon skins in order to unlock these variants. This process changes not only the skin’s look, but also adds special effects to it.

Overdrive Skin Bundle Pricing Details

Riot Games is yet to reveal the official price for the Overdrive bundle. However, the leaked information suggests a range of prices similar to the RGX Pro Blade melee skin. The Overdrive skin bundle could fall under the Exclusive Tier, one of Valorant’s most expensive categories. The skins in the Exclusive tier are typically priced between 2175 and 2475 VP each, which puts the cost of the entire bundle at 8700-9900 VP. The melee skin is usually more expensive, ranging from 4350 to 5350VP. The complete bundle offers additional value as it contains other cosmetic items such as sprays, cards and a Gun Buddy at no extra charge.


In the gaming community, the anticipation of the Valorant Overdrive Skin Bundle is palpable. Players are preparing for the release of what is expected to be an important upgrade to their arsenal in-game. This collection is a must-have for any Valorant fan. The exclusive skins, unique designs and additional variants will make it a highly sought after addition. While we wait for Riot Games to release official information, excitement and speculation continue to grow.