The market for virtual events has risen over some past months, and accepting it as the fresh norm, the industry is coming up with innovative ideas for virtual event platforms.

A platform that evolves with an excess of valuable attributes will turn out to be the most suitable pick for your virtual event requirements. Hosting a feature-rich event will help improve the overall experience of every individual associated with it. Moreover, it will also encourage attendee’s retention throughout the event.

Virtual event platforms can appear in all kinds of aspects and patterns. What might appear like a genuine solution for one event may not be suitable for another event. So how does one pick the accurate one?


All potential strategies should be ventured regarding marketing opportunities for your brand. With the use of interactive booths, dynamic banners, standees, and excellent display screens, you can highlight branding all over the virtual range of your event and entirely personalize it. Being capable of combining your company’s branding and promotion throughout the virtual event platform will help build a continuous experience for your audiences.

Focus on customizing the experience

Customization is considered one of the most significant factors that determine the outcome of the event. Similar to in-person events, your virtual event will need its set-up, specifications, and theme. To assure this, each component of your virtual event has to be entirely customizable based on your necessities. Eventually, all the features should be an exact representation of your brand, its ideas, and its objective.

Amplifying engagement

This is another most notable feature linked with keeping your attendees engaged. Most individuals visit events to simply learn and build worthy connections. The virtual atmosphere is no different, but it does produce some checks when it comes to face-to-face encounters and networking. Facilitating live video calls within your preferred virtual event platform, both one-on-one and in a group is an excellent idea to recreate some of the purposes you would receive from an in-person event.

In-platform activities such as chats, polls, quizzes, games, Q&As, etc. not only expand engagement but also get participants directly connected with hosts & other attendees present in the event. This further helps event organizers receive feedback, collect data and learn about their audience better.

Some virtual event platforms like Dreamcast also utilize smart technology such as AI matchmaking so that participants can receive automatic suggestions based on their common interests.

Networking is the foremost reason why one visits any sort of event- physical or virtual. Requirements for networking will enable your audience to communicate seamlessly with hosts or other attendees in the event. Keeping a networking lounge where audiences can connect and build relationships will also improve the experience and increase the ROI of your event. This can lead to great advantages in terms of promoting audience involvement.

Designing helpful communication channels at your virtual event will not only promote engagement but will also enhance audience participation. Precise engagement and networking are essential to the benefit of a virtual event, and letting your attendees interact and connect efficiently will assist you to accomplish that. Innovations like agenda-oriented chat rooms will encourage attendees to get engaged and connect better.

Automation Features

Virtual event platforms should have the ability to integrate with the latest automation software tools that allow you to host events more productively, right from drafting to accomplishment.. Applying multi-channel automation software that keeps a track of virtual events in real-time lets you enhance your planning and encourages you to drive better engagement for each session and streamline your marketing tactics. Also, these automation software tools are cost-effective, save a lot of time, and maximize productivity.

Supports both live and pre-recorded content

Your virtual event platform must enable you to deliver both pre-recorded and live content – such as your keynotes, panel sessions, discussions, workshops, etc. Some believe that pre-recorded sessions do not bring the same kind of engagement as compared to live sessions but each of these arrangements have their own bundle of benefits. Live broadcasts, for instance, give the advantage of connecting with the attendees. You can bring multiple speakers and can also keep Q&As, keep live polls, etc. At the same point, a pre-recorded video of keynotes may serve a lot better as it enables you to update and improve the presentation and eradicate the chance of last-minute glitches.

Engaging Sponsors & Exhibitors

With the drop of live in-person events, generating revenue for virtual events is turning into an extremely significant concern for organizers. This can surely be done in several ways, like ticket sales, bookable items such as easy access to on-demand content, exhibitors, and sponsorship.

The method of sponsorship for both virtual and hybrid events is quite similar to physical events. What creates a difference is the fact that at virtual events you have unique factors for sponsorship. At a virtual event, there will be no need for lanyards to be sponsored or beverage and snack breaks, and so on. But there are several opportunities with virtual events and probably the lanyard sponsor shall be happier to sponsor one of the educational gatherings or use dynamic banner ad drives to target particular attendees.


With several people visiting an event, the virtual event platform you choose has to ensure security from hackers and other critical threats to keep your event protected. A strong security integration will enable attendees to save passwords securely, share resources reliably, and interact with others risk-free.

Obtaining detailed analytics

Real-time analytics is an essential benefit that virtual events provide over on-site events. Keeping an in-built activity tracker assures that you don’t drop out on any important information linked to attendee behaviors.

Based on the depth of data you want to derive you could also look at the details on what visitors downloaded, which exhibitors and sponsors they communicated with, and much more. It will also allow you to understand what went well, what didn’t, and things you might want to add or remove for that following virtual event.


Understanding the importance of most of the above-mentioned points will let you make the most knowledgeable decision in picking the best virtual event platform for your event. Besides this, it’s necessary to remember the catchword “quality over quantity” when it comes to hosting a virtual event and its features.

Each feature described above can be incorporated into our platform! Therefore, if you are planning to go virtual today, do so with Dreamcast!