If you want to tap into a big market right now, then apps are the place to be. Mobile devices ranging from laptops, desktops to mobile phones are being used with their respective applications. For IOS and Android mobile users, the most common way they spend time on the internet is through mobile apips. It’s no doubt that the apps have changed the way we perform our daily activities.

Therefore, choosing the right mobile app development company is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your business. The success of your product largely depends upon which platform you choose. 

What is Android App Development & why is it important?

Android application development is the process of creating applications for mobile devices. The development of customized android applications can be supported by various programming languages such as Kotlin, Java, and C++. There are also a number of Android SDKs available to developers to help with the coding and debugging of Android apps. These range from TV streaming devices to smart watches, there is an Android app development service that can suit your business needs.

Yes, there is definitely no dearth of mobile application development platforms like Ionic, PhoneGap, React Native, and so on that enable you to develop apps for multiple platforms at a go. 

But given the cost of making changes in their technology, the recent advancements in their features, it might be safer and a better option to go with the know-how of Android App Development over other options. The question is – what are the 5 key reasons to go for Android app development services?

#1. Open-Source 

Android’s open-source nature allows you access to the source code, which means you can learn how it works and even helps develop it further. At this time, most of the app development in Android is targeted towards boosting the Google Play store. However, you are given an open-source platform that enables you to get beyond that by developing your own applications.

#2. Pro-active Testing

Testing your new app on the Android platform is very important because testing on different devices helps you to debug and optimize your app before releasing it to the market. You can also be sure of keeping your app up-to-date as new Android versions are released. 

#3. Easy adoption and launching

The daunting task of launching Mobile Apps is no longer a hassle because developers can easily develop their apps using the Android Platform; this means that the process of launching is easy & simple. All you need to do is register yourself as a developer then submit your .apk file. 

That’s how easily accessible the humongous market of Android is for everyone. Moreover, the Android platform permits rooting Android-based devices and installation of custom ROMs. On the other hand, in the case of iPhone jailbreaking is termed “jailbreaking”, that’s an actual crime in the USA.

#4: Multiple Distribution & Sales Channel

Using the Android platform, you can distribute and sell your application to a variety of online channels: you can use a third-party app store for distribution or put the application on your website. The Android platform allows developers to target users directly through their cell phone with ads, without requiring them to actively download the application. 

You can also sell your applications in multiple forms via this route: as a free download or an upgrade at a cost. All these options allow you to optimize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts to bring in more users and conversions.

#5. Popular Platform

More than 84.7% of mobile devices worldwide are based on Android! The fact that users can easily update the OS has created a great opportunity for developers to create apps for the platform and this has contributed to the rapid growth of the Android app development industry.

To Conclude:

Businesses and developers are making the most out of Android apps design as it can make a brand name easily recognizable and can add value to the business accordingly. The strengths of an android app cannot be matched by any other platforms, therefore businesses choose the reliable mobile app development company for the app designing and developing.

After reading the above-mentioned points, you can now decide if developing an android app is important for your business. If it is, then learn how to develop android apps and hire the best android app development services. For this, Mobcoder can help you create a perfect android app which is reliable, scalable and appreciated by most of the users.