German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that the country’s best soccer league could resume its season later this month, according to reports.

The Bundesliga (DFL) should become the first major professional league in Europe to resume its season since the appearance of the new coronavirus. The league suspended games in mid-March when cases in Germany began to increase. On Wednesday, the country reported around 167,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 6,993 deaths.

The LDF’s second division, the German Football League, would decide on a return date at Thursday’s officials’ meeting.

The first return date would be May 15 and fans will not be able to watch the games when the season resumes. A reopening plan also plans to equip the stadiums with biological controls similar to those required in medical facilities, according to the New York Times.

Merkel said on Wednesday that the country was “at a point where our goal of stopping the spread of the virus has been reached and we have been able to protect our health system … by allowing more aid measures to be discussed and approved” . “

Merkel’s announcement came just two days after the results of the Bundesliga coronavirus and German Football League players and coaches were released. The league said that 10 out of 1,724 people tested positive for 10 drugs, The Guardian reported.

Last Friday in Cologne, the Cologne club also confirmed three cases of coronavirus.

Professional leagues around the world abruptly stopped their seasons in March when the coronavirus began to spread rapidly around the world. The NBA was the first major sports league in the United States. United States In suspending its season, all the other professional associations did the same.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to hold its first event since mid-March in Jacksonville, Fla., this week without a live audience.