Whether you are an avid hiker or a novice, hiking is an incredible way for you to recharge and discover nature’s beauty. It is inexpensive and can be done by anyone, regardless of physical ability. Hiking involves more, sometimes unpredictable, variables than walking on a treadmill or paved path. These variables, however, contribute to its enjoyment. Here is some excellent advice on how to make the most  of your next outdoor adventure.

Prepare and Maintain Your Body

When preparing for your hike, ensure you are adequately hydrated and eat plenty of whole grains, fiber and protein. It will be beneficial to avoid eating empty carbs and food high in sugar. Eating loads of unhealthy foods before a long trip is never a good idea. To keep yourself fueled during your hike, bringing dense, high-calorie foods such as your favorite summer sausage, oatmeal, nut butter and a protein bar is a good idea.

Wear Proper Hiking Boots

The most important item to consider for your hiking trip is your footwear. Nothing is more uncomfortable than getting painful blisters on your feet halfway through your hike that command all of your attention instead of enjoying the scenery. When choosing your hiking shoes, it is essential to know that your comfort should take priority over any other features or cost. Additionally, wear them for a week before your trip to ensure you break them in correctly so they will be comfortable. It will give you quality time to discover nature and not worry about your aching feet.

Pack Your Gear Lightly 

When collecting your items for your excursion, it is crucial to know that although your gear may not seem to be a heavy load at first, it will appear to weigh much more after several miles on the trail. A light pack will be easier on your joints and muscles. A lighter load will also make you burn fewer calories, so you need to bring less food. You can enjoy a much longer trip when you carry only the essentials.

Plan to Bring a Partner

Bringing a good friend or family member on your hike is fun and essential for your security and safety during your adventure. It will be helpful for you both to be familiar with the trail you are taking. When you are in the wilderness, many unforeseen factors can come up. For instance, an unexpected extreme weather event or an aggressive animal may surprise you. Unplanned events like these will be easier to overcome when you have someone with you to help make essential decisions if you cannot make them alone.

Get an Early Start

There are many reasons to hit the trail early in the morning. You will be much cooler while on a beautiful track to enjoy the gorgeous scenery ahead. If you are hiking during summer, this will help avoid the piercing middle-of-the-day sun heat. It will also give you time to stop and enjoy the views! Starting earlier in the day is ideal to ensure you have daylight left in the event of an unexpected delay.

Be a Considerate Hiker

When you are out on your adventure, it is vital to ensure you know the principles of Leave No Trace. Be considerate of others on the trail, pick up your garbage and leave each place you stop looking better than when you arrived. Be respectful of the wildlife and the nature that surrounds you. It is a glorious feeling of pride when you contribute to something so grand while hiking.

Whether you hike to improve your health and fitness, escape from the daily grind or are looking to challenge your limits, the activity has endless benefits. Hiking can make you feel alive just by impressing yourself with what you are capable of and by simply enjoying the places you will see. As a result, you will gain a deeper appreciation for our planet and a better sense of self.