When you’re on Your Viking Journey in Valheim to fight Odin’s enemies to restore peace to the Kingdom of Velheim You’ll have to build, fight, and endure. In addition you’ll find and unravel various mysteries, like Dragon Eggs. But, Valheim Dragon Egg is an extremely difficult to find item and cannot be made into something.

What are the benefits that can be made Valheim Dragon Egg?

They are typically located in biomes’ mountains. The biomes are always covered in snow, and there are huge dragon nests as well as their eggs. Eggs are heavy, difficult to carry on your journey They can be found in 3 colors, i.e., red and purple, scaled and sparkling. If you’re a casual player, Valheim dragon eggs will not be useful if you plan to build any tool, weapon or build. However, you can use eggs to summon the invisible bosses in Valheim.

How to Summon Hidden Bosses of Valheim?

There are currently only four bosses to fight; Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass and Moder. You can summon any one of them making use of the appropriate items in the right spot. In all of them, Moder is the secret chief in The Mountain Biome. Moder really is a Wyvern that has white fur and black scales. To summon this airborne threat it is necessary to find its altar and place Dragon Eggs on it.

Keep in your head that, at the moment the game is accessible via Steam for PC in early access mode. Therefore, the methods to summon bosses could change over time. However, at present you require three Dragon Eggs for Moder to appear and fight. They Valheim Dragon Eggs weigh around 200.0. So you’ll have to make several trips or request other players to assist in moving all three eggs onto the altar.

The developers haven’t specified a specific place of the altar within the game however it’s a round table that is made of stones.

Defeat the Wyvern Aka Moder

To take it down You don’t require any special skills. It can be defeated just as with other common drake foes of the mountains, however the challenge of Moder is slightly higher. While fighting, he utilizes two attack strategies which are grounded and in-flight.

However, wyvern can change in between these two. When it is flying Moder uses a weapon which will melt into frozen ice on the battlefield. Moder will utilize frozen breaths to slow the movement of the player for 15 seconds when they are on the ground. Additionally it can also make use of its claws to attack melee in the event of being grounded.

The best way to take on at him is to set up an interactive session in which you can spawn him with the necessary items. If it appears the player who is in it can make it draw their attacks. While others continue to strike. Before you begin the fight it is recommended to build some deadly firearms to take care of the harm as well as purchase some quality armour.