Travel insurance is your backup plan that covers both medical as well as financial emergencies that might arise during the course of your travel, be it domestic or international. Any such hassles outside your known area can be baffling as you might not know whom to approach for help. A travel insurance policy ensures you get the required coverage for any unforeseen event that takes place when you are on the move. 

While some may consider travel insurance to be unnecessary, it is your Plan B for the times when things don’t go as planned. There are various reasons for your travels; similarly, there are different policies you can buy. This article enlists the different travel insurance plans that can enhance the safety of your travel. 

#1 Domestic travel insurance

As the name suggests, this policy is designed to insure losses that might arise during domestic travels. Any medical emergency, loss of baggage or theft, delays or cancellation of flights and other valuables are covered under this policy. Further, any personal liability due to third-party damages during the trip are also taken care by a domestic travel insurance policy. 

#2 International travel insurance

Travelling to an international destination is often an overwhelming experience. In an unknown land, everything can get bewildering. Having the safety of a travel insurance cover is your best friend at such times. Apart from the coverage offered by domestic travel insurance plans, an international travel insurance safeguards against the risk of flight hijacks and some extreme cases of repatriation back to India. 

#3 Student travel insurance

Students often seek higher education from reputed institutions which at times take them to foreign lands. When it is the time to concentrate on education, worrying about other things might lose your focus. A student travel insurance offers coverage for medical expenses due to hospitalisation, loss of baggage and passport. Further, some student plans also cover the tuition fees and family visit to a foreign country. 

#4 Senior citizen travel insurance 

You might want to make the most of your golden years by travelling when you have the resources as well as the time. If you are worried about the risks associated with international travel, a senior citizen travel insurance cover is your friend. It is a travel insurance cover designed specifically for those above 60 years of age. At this age, a person is highly susceptible to medical emergencies and treatment in a foreign country can get expensive. Travel insurance for senior citizens provides similar benefits to other insurance covers and makes travelling abroad a breeze, even when you are old. 

#5 Family travel insurance 

Family travel insurance can be customised to suit your needs and cover the varying coverage requirements. Different concerns for the entire family can be addressed under one travel insurance policy. Further, it also provides mental relief knowing there is a backup plan that can be relied on in times of distress. 

These are the various types of plans that can be selected based on your travel plans. Be it within the country or outside, you have an insurance policy for every type of policy. So, do not ignore the benefits offered by a travel insurance plan and make the right choice of a policy before your next travel adventure.