There are a variety of floors and the cleaning methods for each type are different. It is important to clean the floor with a specific cleaning method advised by professionals, otherwise, we will end up ruining the floor completely. To avoid this, You should familiar with the cleaning tips for different types of tiles

Laminate Floor

Most people laminate their floor to make it more lasting and resilient. Despite this, excess water can damage a laminate floor. So, it is better to vacuum the floor most of the time. When you are using water, you can use a laminate floor cleaner. But take extra care to not soak the floor. Then use a damp mop to wipe the water and dirt away.

Natural Stone Floor

Natural stone can be marble, granite, limestone, etc. While these are tough materials, cleaning them can be a little tricky, because it is surprisingly easy to get them ruined. Any cleaning solution with acidic components, including ammonia, vinegar, and bleach can damage the natural stone floor and can leave some marks too. Any soap or detergent you use to clean the floor should be checked and ensured that they are pH-neutral. It is also necessary to clean the stains on the floor immediately, as the stain can get fixed on the stone. A strong steam cleaner is preferred for cleaning the natural stone floors. You can also hire professional house cleaning services to clean such floors.

Hardwood Floor

For hardwood floors, we need to take into consideration the finish we used on the wood to protect it. The finish is normally a coat of wax or polyurethane. If the coating is of wax, water should not be used during the process, as it will damage the durability of the wax. So we can use sweeper brooms, dust mops and vacuum cleaners to clean it. If the coating is of polyurethane, then we can use a combination of water and mild soap.

Linoleum Floor

These kinds of floors are eco-friendly, yet they are very tough and it is okay to use different cleaning methods, these floors will be fine and they will get cleaned. We can even use hot water and detergent on the floor. So, you can use hot water and detergent mix to get the floor net and clean easily using a mop or scrubber. After that, the floor can be vacuumed.

Ceramic or Porcelain Floor

Ceramic and porcelain floors can be treated the very same way. Don’t use water to clean these surfaces as they cannot handle water that well. If the floor needs to be cleaned, use soft clothes instead of scrubbing. Use a minimum amount of water to clean such floors. Don’t use acidic products on ceramic or porcelain floors. The best way to keep such floors clean is by sweeping or vacuuming. While vacuuming always ensures the floor is not getting scratches or marks due to the vacuum cleaner.