Are you ready to start decorating your baby’s nursery? Adding sticker wallpaper and using nursery wallpapers is the one thing that you will do that will completely change the look of your nursery to a better one. Planning and daydreaming about creating your dream nursery is very fun. You can easily create your dream nursery by incorporating nursery wallpaper into the room to create an instant and major style change.  Nursery wall decorations are the best as they add allow you to add color, patterns, and pictures to the nursery. In addition, nursery wallpapers are quick to install and you can do this effortlessly. Also their removal doe not damage the walls. You will only need to remove them when your little one grows older as they are durable and can last up to fifteen years. nursery wall paper actually will sit perfectly on the wall of any room in your house. This article will guide you on how to decorate your nursery with wall stickers and later on emphasize why you need to use stickable wallpaper.

How to apply sticker wallpaper to your nursery.

Applying stickable wallpaper is simple and only takes you a few steps. This is because as their name suggests they have an adhesive back which makes the installation process very easy and less messy.  First of all, unroll the stickable wallpaper and discard the paper backing properly. Avoid burning the backing as it is plastic therefore burning it will emit fumes that will pollute the environment. Secondly, place the stickable wallpaper on the smooth surface of the wallpaper and only peel a small corner of the backing. Continue peeling slowly the rest of the backing as you continue installing the wall decoration. Use a squeegee to smooth down the wall decoration and ensure there are no bubbles or bumps. In case there are bubbles present, do not fret. Just use a knife or pin and make a small hole at the center of the bubble. This will ensure that all the air is released from the bubble making it flat.  Also, if you stick the wallpaper in the wrong way do not worry. As you can readjust the stickable wallpaper easily without even damaging the walls.  If you adhere to these easy steps then your stickable wallpaper will be perfectly installed. 

How to remove stickable wallpapers.

Changes occur daily in our day-to-day activities. Therefore, you may be required to change your current stickable wallpaper and replace it with a new one. Many people have dark and repressed memories of removing wallpapers. However, you do not have to face the same problems when removing sticakable wallpaper.  Baby’s nursery wall stickers are very easy to remove just as they are easier to install. Just follow these easy steps. First of all, gently pull the corner of the stickable wallpaper, and if it lifts easily just pull it away. If the wall decal does not peel away easily do not force it as you may destroy the wall. Just heat the area with a blowdryer on a low setting. Repeat this when you move to the next section. To avoid wall damage peel the stickler wallpaper slowly and steadily. Finally, wash the remaining residue with soap and water, and your wall will;l be as good as new. The last step is not very necessary as stickable wallpaper does not leave much residue on the wall. For the perfect results avoid applying the stickable wallpaper to freshly painted rooms.

Pros of stickable wallpaper.

Stickable wallpaper is preferred over paint and traditional wallpapers for a variety of reasons This article will dive into them. First of all, it is durable. Stickable wallpapers can withstand a variety of weather conditions. These include humidity, heat, and even cold weather. Unlike traditional wallpapers that are easily destroyed by these weather conditions, stickable wallpapers remain indestructible. Paint easily peels off therefore it is not durable. Stickable may last up to fifteen years.

Secondly, they are easy to maintain. You need just a piece of cloth and warm water to clean them. Furthermore, they do not stain easily compared to paint and traditional wallpapers. They are also very easy to use. You just need to follow a few easy instructions as earlier explained in this article. Anyone can easily install them meaning you do not need to hire a professional to do the work for you. This, therefore, save on costs. The fact that they can be reused a too saves on costs. When changing them you do not have to go through a lot of trouble. Just peel the stickable wallpaper and stick it in the new room. You may be required to change them if you need to move the baby to a different room when another sibling comes along or when you need to update the décor when the child grows older or when he or she becomes a teenager.

Cons of stickable wallpaper.

Nothing in this world is perfect Therefore using stickable wallpaper has its disadvantages therefore you need to be cautious when using it. First of all,  the size and quantity of stickable wallpaper matter. Therefore if you take inaccurate measurements before you purchase the wallpaper, you could end up with awkward results. Thus you need to be very cautious when taking measurements of your wall. Do not forget to keep in mind the doors and windows. Secondly, stickable wallpaper is not compatible with every wall. Therefore ensure that you install it on smooth surfaces for the adhesive to hold the wallpaper in place. Keep in mind that stickable wallpapers do not adhere to textured or rough surfaces.


Using stickable wallpapers is one thing that will transform the look of your nursery. Sure you can paint the walls or purchase a beautiful crib or even get a special rug or opt to decorate the nursery with prints and shelving but none of these things will create a beautiful transformation like the one the stickable wallpaper can. Larger than life florals or woodland creatures stickable wallpapers are very stylish. When you use stickable wallpaper you will be creating a special room for your baby.