Why am I losing Instagram followers? Is a question that every user of this social media platform has ever questioned. Where does this drop-in followers come from, and did we handle his account incorrectly somewhere?

I’ll list a few typical explanations for Instagram follower loss in this post. Possibly something that will enable you to raise the bar if you are faced with it!

It’s common to lose Instagram followers.

More so than on other networks, losing followers on Instagram is a common occurrence, and some of the causes have nothing to do with how you personally run your account.

The result of reduced visibility

Instagram had to create an algorithm to automatically select which publications should get a certain level of prominence since the network was accepting more and more users and, therefore, more and more material.

Naturally, it became incredibly difficult for someone to go through every single picture of the accounts they were following. 

As a result, Instagram made the decision to “calculate” the likelihood that you would be interested in a certain picture automatically. And to categories the images in accordance, emphasizing the accounts you engage with the most.

Naturally, this encourages the network’s professional users to utilize more advertising, which is good for Instagram.

As a consequence, certain accounts that you may appreciate but with whom you engage infrequently (due to time constraints or because you lack the reflex to like, save, or comment on what they post) will progressively become less visible in your Instagram feed.

Tell yourself that your own account experiences the same phenomena. Some individuals routinely “sort” their subscriptions to get rid of the ones they engage with the least. Or accounts that are hardly shown in their feed. As a consequence, you risk losing Instagram followers.

Using the follow/unfollow method

The practice of boosting an account based on follower and unfollowed counts is still common, despite being condemned. The individual subscribes to your account in the hopes that you would reciprocate by subscribing (follow). 

It unfollows you if it discovers that you have stopped following.

Some people use software like Goread.io, which is specifically designed to automate follow/unfollow, to perform this technique on a wide scale.

On your personal account, this always leads to a decrease in Instagram followers.

Instagram purges

Instagram “cleans up” the network’s accounts on a regular basis by removing accounts that are false, spam-producing, or involved in abusive behavior.

The number of subscribers to an account may sometimes be significantly impacted by this periodic removal of “false followers” (or suspected ones), particularly if you are often the subject of spam.

Closing of accounts

Some users decide to stop using Instagram and delete their accounts over time. Although the percentage is often negligible, it may also be a reason for Instagram follower loss that has nothing to do with how you personally manage your account.

Your options are constrained in light of all these outside factors, with the exception of two things:

Encourage your subscribers to take action by often emphasizing the value of demonstrating an interest in an account via your activities (save a photo that you like, post a comment, etc.). 

As a result, subscribers may continue to see your material on a per-subscriber basis, and you can continue to gain from high exposure.

The use of the engagement concept into your content utilizing Instagram’s interactive tools (survey, questions, etc.), such as asking subscribers to vote and asking questions, naturally encourages activity on your account, keeping it visible to your followers. This may lessen the subscriber losses brought on by a decline in visibility.

Why do we lose Instagram followers? Inside factors

Instagram follower declines are not only a result of outside forces; they may also be a result of mistakes or poor account management. Let’s now examine the kind of errors that might result in a decline in followers.

Not enough publications

I now submit to you my primary Instagram flaw a lack of articles might really result in a decline in Instagram followers. 

To give you an idea, only accounts that promise to “posting a minimum of five images every week” are accepted by the octoly influencer platform. The “union minimum” for an account to develop well, according to many users, is this.

It entails sharing 260 photographs at least annually. You can certainly understand the effort required after seeing this number!

In truth, not all accounts that grow are as photo-active as that one. But often make up for it with a strong interest in storytelling! A fantastic strategy to keep in frequent contact with your community and prevent subscription loss.

Unsuitable publication speed

If blogging too seldom is an issue, uploading too often or too many photographs at once is problematic 🙂 posting hyperactivity punctuated with extended periods of stillness sometimes causes a wave of unsubscribes.

Perhaps because your subscribers suddenly have the impression of “overflow” when you resurface. Perhaps because your silences hinder people from building a bond with you and from actually taking an interest in your topic.

Content that lacks quality

It’s always tough to assess oneself in this subject, but occasionally there is a true quality problem on an Instagram account. Photos that are too grainy, badly placed, not bright enough, overly edited… And this might lead you to lose subscribers!

You may ask for views on your account around you, recommendations for enhancing it and, if you notice that you have a quality deficiency, practice! 

For my part, I trained a lot through repetition and imitation: I repeated the same shot, in the same position, to attempt to better it… 

And I saw photographs of professional photographers on the internet that I tried to duplicate (even angle, same zoom level, etc.) (even angle, same zoom level, etc.).

A lack of commitment in the “social” part of Instagram

Sometimes the photographs are great, the texts too, they utilize the proper hashtags… but what you lack is simply to take advantage of the “social” dimension of Instagram .

If you’re never going to comment or like other people’s photos, chances are they won’t want to comment on yours. It’s a bit like friendships in real life: if you’re always the one who checks in on their friends but they never check in on them, you’ll quickly get the feeling that the relationship is unbalanced. Same principle on Instagram with the help of https://goread.io/buy-50-instagram-followers.

I would even tell you that a simple like is often insufficient, it “drowns” among those of passing visitors… 

Whereas if you take the time to regularly comment on the photos or react to the stories of the accounts you follow, there is more likely that your name will become familiar to them and that they will comment on your content in return.

This social dimension allows you to build a bond with your subscribers, which limits the loss of untimely Instagram followers!