If there’s one thing that has kept India held together like glue, it has to be cricket. Cricket is more than just a game would be an understatement. The game has ardent fans who follow and live the daily ups and downs, it is like oxygen to them which keeps them going. However, the passion and love for cricket is not limited to a room and a television set. The new-aged online gaming has deep-rooted impacts on cricket as well.

With the popular online gaming culture taking over, cricket has found its solace and place in fantasy cricket games. It is not just any normal online game here the users using an application make a team of the best 11 individual cricket players in a bid to be crowned the best fantasy player on the leaderboards. The chills and thrills of fantasy cricket game are further bolstered by the fact that the player can make lucrative earnings. 

These games take you on the edge of your seat providing an elated feeling of ownership and accomplishment. This experience is as close to playing professional cricket yourself. So what exactly makes fantasy cricket his big? And why it has an edge over other online cricket games? 

Cricket Action from the comfort of your home

Gone are those days when fans had to travel miles long to reach the stadiums and witness the game live. Nowadays all you need is a fantasy gaming app installed on your mobile device and laptop, complete the registration process and enter the best cricket gaming space you have witnessed. Start making your fantasy team and choose the best 11 players with the allotted points. With a good bank of cricket knowledge, backed by a few strategic decisions you can do pretty well.

Sense of Ownership 

As there is a pool of 22 players, selecting your best 11 players can turn out to be a task at times. Remember, back in the day, when you would argue with your friends about the selection of the players in the team and who would have been a better fit? Well, all of this can be settled now, with fantasy cricket you can prove their better understanding of the game and thus settle the dispute on which player were a better pick. All of this makes you feel like, you are in command and this develops this feeling of ownership over your team, where you are the shot caller. 

Uninterrupted Action

Fantasy cricket is a different ball game here you cannot be idle as you always have something to look forward to. From different leagues and tournaments to play in, you will have your hands full when it comes to making necessary changes and implementing your winning strategies. With the real-time game impacting the outcome of the fantasy cricket games, you will be deeply involved in the game thus always keeping you on the edge and very much entertained. 

Lucrative Rewards 

It was as if the craze for the game was not enough incentive to play fantasy cricket games, the prospect of earning real money online surely did the trick. The leaderboard games are the ones that provide the best ROI when it comes to scoring big. Not only this is a motivating factor for the players but this further fuels the competitiveness among the players. The T20 Leagues are often the most followed one and therefore the prize pool offered by the fantasy platforms are high during these tournaments. These games have seen many of casual gamers turn into full-time fantasy professional players as the rewards are huge. 

Helps in Building Team Spirit 

Fantasy cricket helps you cultivate values such as discipline, patience, and perseverance. Losing one game or having endured failure is not the end of your fantasy cricket journey, moreover, you can buckle up, prepare well and come back even stronger. This, in turn, prepares you for the best as well as the worst, in short, it is a stark reminder that things will not always go according to a plan and you will have to grind hard to change the results for good.