Welcome to our other annual list of some of the top rated destinations to visit! Pleasant and popular vacation spots have been selected by experienced reviewers and have reached the top of many cities reviewed. This year there are new locations on the list, but they have also returned confirmed winners. Each of these cities has won at least 600 reviews and is listed in a revised maximum of five, with the top reaching 4.55 to 4.02 stars. So don’t waste your time thinking too much, just call Spirit Airlines customer service and book your plane ticket to visit these places.

Find your favorites or get inspired to go to a new place, here is our list of the best destinations in North America.

1. Wailea, Hawaii

What is the first class excursion to the North American island? No wonder it is such a beautiful metropolis that you have chosen it twice. Wailea, apparently, is not at all the bridesmaid, usually the bride. Blessed with 5 beautiful trendy coasts, luxury resorts and the Ahihi-Kinau nature reserve.. This vacation spot pampers the senses of tourists with world class cuisine, beautiful attractions, sparkling ocean species and attractive weather.

Wailea, Hawaii

Cambria, California

Undoubtedly located on the most beautiful stretch of coastal land in California, Cambria is a small idyllic metropolis amid colossal splendor. Reflecting these merits, it went from # 6 to # 2 this year. Take a ride on Moonstone Drive to identify the existence of the sea, or head straight to Newport beach where you can experience whale watching los angeles, or take a horseback ride through the mountains with Covells California Clydesdales. Often used as a base for those visiting Hearst Castle, Cambria has a multitude of personal charms to discover!

Springdale, Utah

Stay solidly at n. # 3, Springdale attracts site visitors who love adventure, splendor, and a bright exterior. This is the place to live as you explore Zion National Park to discover the blushing colors of the sandstone cliffs. The city is prized for its village-like appearance, the southern Utah landscape, and its friendly network.

Quebec, Canada

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Quebec metropolis attracts travelers with historical sites, captivating views, and rich cultural functions. Take a walk on the Dufferin Terrace to explore Frontenac Castle and the historic battlefields. Fans of the structure and archives will adore the royal region, the place of the metropolis. Spend a second in the Jeanne d’Arc garden, a lush park with pristine gardens.

Ashland, Oregon

In close proximity to the Rogue River, and the world-class theater website, and the exceptional Shakespeare festival, Ashland appeals to both art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Spherical a day on the trail for hiking, rafting or snowboarding with asparagus soup or smoked brisket with chili sauce in Tot. Or, spend the day shopping for neighborhood boutiques, then enjoy a chilly night with the Rogue Valley Symphony.

Ashland, Oregon

Calgary, Alberta

Travelers flock to Calgary for their annual events like the Calgary Stampede, dubbed “The Best Outdoor Show on this Planet.” Something you know, Calgary has something first-rate for you, from the Calgary folk song competition to great taste. Nature is always present, too, within the many parks of the city and, on the way, near the famous national park, Banff.

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is an ideal place to dine for people who come with their family or loved ones. The restaurants offer several delicious options, the art galleries are full of interesting works and the gala is large and pleasant. Load the right entrance to the world-renowned Butchart Gardens seamlessly, similar to many regional beaches, lakes, and parks, and you’ll get a metropolis made for multiple visits. No wonder it is one of the major cities in the northern United States.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is an enchanted area, however it didn’t take fairy dust to raise it from # 20 this year. With its exterior splendor, relaxing retreats and spas, and the beautiful city center, the attraction is simple. Unreal starry skies are the cause of an evening hike at Bewdley Trailhead’s first Earl Baldwin, and Gallery Row is the place for a lifestyle day.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

A city of neighborhoods, Cambridge invites you to choose your favorite taste. The Harvard Rectangular is the most compact, and you may prefer to use e-book fans, but the appropriate square packages load in a small space, and it’s a great place to explore the eclectic flavors of the city. Head to East Cambridge to find hidden gems, or the incredibly adorable Inman Square to buy second-hand beer and drink beer.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Climbing on two slot machines during these 12 months, Minneapolis completes our top 10 tours in the northern United States. And it’s still recognized. Traditionally underestimated, this metropolis of Minnesota has attracted the attention of its friendly inhabitants. Its international meals and up close (we will have a Jucy Lucy, please), its magnificent natural setting and its alternatives. entertainment. Sports enthusiasts will discover many things to love, as the city has five experienced groups.

Paso Robles, California

Widely known for wine, Paso Robles excels in more than reds and whites. The region is experiencing an upward dynamic visible in cider, distilleries and breweries. Combine your best drink with an equally exquisite meal in the city’s restaurants. Choose your selection of flavors from the California coast to Mexico, including Fish Gaucho and local specialties from Thomas Hill Organics.

Paso Robles, California

Solvang, California

What don’t you like in this captivating city? Located in the Santa Ynez Valley on the main California coast. Wine tasting, horse riding, going to the theater, trekking, cutting cakes – the list goes on. People can also call American Airlines customer service to get the best deal available for visiting these places. Admire the structure, windmills and sculpture of the Little Mermaid, and if you love vacations, come to activities like Solvang Danish Days or try Solvang.