Mosquito bites are harmful and cause infectious contact with the human body, read more here Pest Control & Bed Bug Removal In Brooklyn NY | EZ Bed Bug Exterminator. Mosquitoes take out blood and give infection which causes some symptoms that lead to the sickness known as malaria.

These bites are dangerous and can be stopped through the following ways:

1. Use Of Mosquito Repellent

It’s a body cream/ointment that is applied to the human body to repel bites from mosquitoes.

This repellant causes an offensive odour and a damaging effect to the mosquito that they are discarded. It lasts for a specified period of time and after that, the body is vulnerable to bites.

This is a short term way to stop mosquito bites especially when you know the time of the day they usually fly around.

2. Mosquito Net

This is one of the oldest prevention methods of preventing malaria caused by mosquito bites. It’s the use of a specially made net using cotton to cover the area where people occupy as a prevention method during the period they are known to move around.

It enables people to sleep well during this period.

The nets are so woven that the holes are too tiny for a mosquito to fly through.

It’s a manual shield and protector that guarantees safety for you and discomfort for the flying insect.

As an added protection while sleeping, one could put on pyjamas or sleeping clothes that cover exposed parts of the body that are prone or vulnerable to mosquito bites. This is needed especially when the total covering of the net may not be guaranteed. Sometimes the mosquito net could be loose and give access for mosquitoes to fly in.

3. Get Rid Of Stagnant Water

It’s almost regular to store water in the house with buckets and containers that have no covers, leaving the water exposed for hours and days untouched and unused . This makes it develop larva that invites mosquitoes and puts humans around at risk of being bitten.

Clearing all stagnant water around, makes it impossible for mosquitoes to inhabit that environment.

Having a proper drainage system is a good way to prevent stagnant water.

Every water passage through pipes should lead to a proper drainage system that won’t have water exposed to accommodate mosquitoes.

4. Mosquito Coil

It’s the use of scent ignited through fire to discard flying insects like mosquitoes.

This is a bendable coil shaped thing that is lighted and gives a scent that has no side effect to the human sense of smell, but gives mosquitoes a dangerous effect that sends them away.

One needs to be careful using this method because the coil melts after being ligthed.

So, as it burns, it gives out the scent through the smoke. Lighting and using the coil needs extra care and condition so as not to get other items around burnt by the coil if it accidentally drops.

5. Insecticides

This is a chemical way of stopping mosquitoes that causes mosquito bites. Insecticides are specially made chemical liquids that contain chemical components that are extremely dangerous and harmful to mosquitoes.

This is a more expensive way of mosquito control, compared to other ways. This method of prevention is only effective for a period of time.

6. Fan

A well ventilated and windy place is an uncomfortable environment for mosquitoes. As tiny as they are, mosquitoes are known to be bad fliers. So having too much air/wind wherever they are, disturbs them.

Using a fan is a preventional way and also a beneficial way, in the sense that using a fan prevents mosquitoes from coming around, and also ventilates the surrounding making it cool for anyone around.

Mosquito bites can be stopped when we don’t stop implementing all the ways we know.