Ontario is one of the best-known provinces in Canada: but many tourists don’t know enough about the area to understand how to spend their time here! So whether you’re new to Canada or trying to get to know the cities you’ve spent your whole life in, these are some of the best things to know about and see in the cities of Ontario!

Artsy and Expensive Toronto

Toronto is the largest and second most expensive city in the country, and the most culturally diverse city in the world. So whether you want to see all of the different businesses and shops you can visit, or you’re more interested in how much art there is to see here: you’ll never get tired of walking around Toronto.

This city is extremely expensive, but there are still many affordable things you can do here!  As long as you take public transit and research whatever events you’re going to, you can make the most out of a very fun weekend in Toronto.

The Nation’s Capital: Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and because of it, this city is drenched in history and educational stops.  From countless museums to gorgeous art galleries and exhibits, you’ll never run out of things to do and see while you’re here.  Although looking for Ottawa homes for sale can be pricey, everything else you can find here can range from affordable to free as long as you shop well.

This city is far more affordable to visit than Toronto, but it also has a ton to offer that you can’t find anywhere else. So if you’re traveling and want to make the most out of it: make sure you stop in Ottawa.

A Beautiful in Hamilton

Hamilton is a gorgeous port city on the western tip of Lake Ontario.  With a population of just over 500,000- this area has a good mix of feeling big and small at the same time.  Far more affordable than Ottawa or Toronto, and with a classic skyline that’s instantly recognizable, you’ll fall in love from the moment you visit.

Hamilton is a college city, so moving here is an awesome idea for families with kids since it means you’ll have the chance to allow your students to go to school close to home!

Richmond Hill: Ontario’s Newest Major City

Although this city was incorporated in 1872, it wasn’t recognized as a major city until recent years.  As the third most populated area in the province, and 28th in the country, Richmond Hill is quickly growing into something massive and fun.  Much of this area feels like the suburbs, but the affordable housing and needless shopping and fun make it worth it.  

You can still enjoy most of the exciting pieces of living in the city without having to stress about the expense or the amount of traffic you’ll be faced with within cities like Toronto or Ottawa.

Ontario is a province that prides itself on having something for everyone. So whether you’ve never been to the area, or this is the place you’ve called home for your whole life: moving to any of these cities can be a great change of pace.