A significant portion of the population suffers from or has experienced bouts of vertigo. Although this condition is not life-threatening, it can significantly impact your lifestyle and quality of life. If you have been diagnosed with vertigo, your doctor may have suggested various types of vertigo treatment in North Carolina, but have you considered the benefits you may experience from physical therapy?

Using Canalith Repositioning (or Epley Maneuver)

If your vertigo is the result of an inner ear problem, where tiny canalith particles are dislodged and move into your ear canal, many top physical therapists in Raleigh may suggest that you try canalith repositioning. In this treatment, which you can learn to do at home as well, you move into specific positions and stay there for about 20 minutes. For example, you may lay down on your side with your head hanging off the table or bed and turn your head in specific ways.

This procedure is not surgical. It can be done entirely in a physical therapist’s office or, once you learn the positioning, at home. Then, after several days, you should be able to pursue your life without dizziness. If the symptoms return, you can spend a few days doing the exercises to get rid of them again.

Get Answers

When you seek the help of a physical therapist for your vertigo, this professional will conduct a complete assessment. Not only will you learn what may be causing your vertigo, but you will learn about its severity. It is always better to know why you have a problem, so you and your practitioner can determine the right treatments to solve it.

These professionals are also able to answer your questions and dispel any misconceptions you may have. For example, you may be curious about why your vertigo returns every so often and how you can reduce your incidences.

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Prevent Injury

Today, you have access to unlimited information on the internet about treating various medical symptoms and challenges. However, working with a medical professional can protect you from adverse injuries or consequences.

The same is true for your vertigo. The internet has much information about treatments and exercises, but if you try to do them without supervision or learning them correctly, you could injure your back, neck or other parts of your body. Your physical therapist will also tell you what treatments will work the best for your type of vertigo, so you won’t waste time doing exercises that won’t treat your symptoms.

Get Moving Again and Return to Normal Life

As you complete your physical therapy treatments, your vertigo should be reduced or eliminated. When you are no longer dizzy, you can move about freely and return to your normal life. Things that used to make your head spin, such as standing up too quickly, moving your head from side to side or looking up, will no longer be a problem.

Vertigo can impact your quality of life and ability to do many of the activities you enjoy. However, physical therapy treatment for the spine can help you reduce or eliminate your symptoms. If you suffer from vertigo, consider consulting with a physical therapist.