Many fans were waiting an announcement time to this Dino Crisis sequel for years. Unfortunately, unlike Resident Evil, Capcom’s dinosaur-themed survival horror franchise has been inactive for nearly two decades. What’s the likelihood that the classic Dino Crisis be remade any in the near future? We’ll take a look at the possibilities below.

Will There Be a Dino Crisis Remake Release Date?

There’s no current launch date set for an official release date for Dino Crisis remake. Remakes of the original as well as an expansion of the series is an ideal decision for Capcom considering the success of previous remakes of its games. Other than the occasional statements about being interested in the idea, Capcom has not committed to sustaining the franchise.

Even if it is in development but we won’t be seeing it until a long time. So, it’ll probably be a modern-gen exclusive.

Dino Crisis 3 was critically dissected and has a good reason for it. The game largely retreated from earlier installments within the series in favor of a story set aboard an aircraft during the period of 26th century. The game was originally designed to take place in a modern city however, the terrorist attack of September 2001 in New York City took place in the course of production.

A number of games were altered, scrapped or completely modified as a result of the tragic events. Dino Crisis 3 was one of them because the creators were not keen on dinosaurs running through the city and demolishing structures.

The sour reaction of Dino Crisis 3 seems to have been enough to put the game in limbo. Capcom has since acknowledged Regina as a character Regina who was featured in the two first games. She’s also made appearances in other games, but it appears that the Dino Crisis series is currently not in play.


Will There Be a Dino Crisis Remake Release Date?

The Gameplay

The Bottom Line

Perhaps one of the motives could be the difficulties of reviving the game of old using modern technology. It is far more difficult to make an animal with modern visuals and animations than in 1999. Making them look convincing and terrifying by making AI and making sure their interactions with users are both fair and tough.

The Gameplay

Resident Evil titles enjoyed a revival in the 9th console generation. Resident Evil 7 pushed the brand into a fresh direction, and the remakes introduced players to their most loved Resident Evil classics. While Resident Evil remains one of the most popular IPs from Capcom but it’s not the only game with a scary story that gamers want to see succeed on the next generation of devices. Many gamers would be thrilled to see the returning from Dino Crisis to home platforms.Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis blends the renowned survival game of Resident Evil with the disturbing atmosphere of Jurassic Park. In the event that an intelligence officer is missing, players must search for their way to an isolated research facility located in the forests that lie on Ibis Island.

When they attempt to rescue a victim the team of competent special agents discovers there is no way to tell the truth. The prehistoric dinosaurs have seized the island, and they are only looking to devour human flesh.

The gameplay of Dino Crisis has aged like good wine, however the controls have remained in the mid-90s. Although some of the most dedicated players like the tank control system from the past however, many are dissatisfied with the clunky and ineffective controls.

A lot of the game’s issues with control could be fixed by a new version, which will make it easier for all gamers. The game could even include the option of a classic tank control for those wanting to recreate the excitement of the original.

Dino Crisis, like other PS1 games, isn’t exactly the most visually pleasing game. The game’s authenticity could be hindered due to the polygonal design and basic designs for characters. The updated visuals are likely to bring Dino Crisis to areas previously not imagined.

The deep forest may be digitally enhanced and expanded on, taking the terrible mood to levels that are unimaginable.

Incredibly violent dinosaur-themed horror games are not common when it comes to video games. The resurrected Dino Crisis might provide gamers with an unforgettable terror experience that very few games can surpass, satisfying both veteran players and those who are new to the genre.

The time has passed since the first Dino Crisis game was released and it was considered to be one of the most frustrating games of the 2000s early on. A remake could get the series back to the forefront which could lead to future remakes or a sequel.

The Bottom Line

With the popularity in remakes, as well as horror games, there’s never been a more perfect time to allow Capcom to revive its Dino Crisis franchise. In the first PlayStation the first game set the standard for survival horror and laid the basis for the many films that horror fans are clamoring for today.

There are reports of Capcom showing interest in the series being circulated on the internet and elsewhere, an Dino Crisis remake may not be completely impossible to imagine.