Oils are one of the most essential household items. In a traditional Indian household, one can find many different kinds of oils that are used not only for cooking purposes but also for the nourishment of the hair, body, skin, and many other purposes.

Herbal Oil for Dry Skin - All you need to know!

Herbal oils are a concoction of herbs that are mixed and prepared in a base of a regular oil such as Coconut oil or sesame oil and therefore has the infusions of all the herbs that are used to prepare this oil. Essential herbal oils combined with aromatherapy and hot stone therapy from thaimassage.co.nz can benefit your body in a variety of wonderful ways, both internally and externally. These oils are also utilised in authentic massage therapies that support a healthy lifestyle, such as Thai massage therapy, to soothe, relax the muscles, reduce fatigue while boosting blood circulation. They tend to have incredible benefits for the body.

Herbal Oils and their Benefits

Herbal Oils are made in a traditional ayurvedic method by choosing a base or carrier oil such as coconut oil or sesame oil – these oils are known as carrier oils as they serve as excellent base oils for the preparation of any other oil. They have anti-inflammatory properties and have a neutral base that can mix with any kind of herb and yet not change its properties.

Once the base of the oil is chosen, based on the purpose of the herbal oil that is to be prepared, a unique combination of herbs and roots is carefully handpicked to create the magical potion. Each herb is chosen by an ayurvedic practitioner based on its benefits and carefully measured to be prepared.

The herbs are then heated and infused with the carrier oil to make a concoction of herbal essential oil. This oil is reduced for many hours over simmer so that each herb gets to release its goodness in the oil and is then cooled overtime to get the herbal oil mixture.

Benefits of Herbal Oils

Herbal oils are made to heal different kinds of disorders in the body. The most important benefits of using herbal oil are mentioned below:

  • Herbal Oils help in skincare
  • Herbal Oils help in hair growth
  • Herbal Oils treats hair loss disorders
  • Herbal oils help in Nasya treatment
  • Herbal Oils help in detox treatments
  • Herbal Oils help in massages
  • Herbal Oils help in oil pulling techniques

Herbal Oil for Dry Skin

Herbal oils are extensively used to correct dry skin issues in men and women. Most people end up with dry skin in the winter and some have naturally dry skin that becomes irritated and inflamed with a lack of natural moisture and hydration. Herbal oils can be an excellent treatment for dry skin.

Simply massaging a suitable herbal oil with the right kind of medicinal properties onto the skin every day and night can improve the texture of the skin and prevent dryness and other dryness-related issues. The most commonly used ingredients for skincare that are used in Ayurvedic Herbal oils are Coconut oil, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Saffron, Cardamom, and Cinnamon.

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Coconut oil is a very potent skincare oil as it helps in restoring hydration in the skin and makes the skin naturally moist. It helps in retexturizing the skin and makes the skin healthy from within by curing eczema and other inflamed skin diseases.

Turmeric and saffron are very unique and have extremely potent benefits that help in making the skin glow from within and give even-toned skin without any blemishes or marks. They improve the natural radiance of the skin and balances the hydration of the skin to give soft and supple skin.