Do you want to become the next great pianist, like Lang Lang or Yuja Wang? If so, you might also need to move every now and then, but you shouldn’t buy a new piano each time.

Instead, consider, “how much do piano movers cost?” That way, you can continue to play on your favorite piano, even as you move to new places and improve your playing.

Read on to learn what you can expect to pay to move your instrument.

What Affects the Piano Movers Cost

A lot goes into answering the question, “how much do piano movers cost?” You have to think about the specific instrument and how far you’re moving as well as when the move will happen.

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $2,000 to move your piano. The final cost will vary from move to move, so you can’t use your last move to predict the next one.

Here are some factors to keep in mind when hiring a moving company for your piano.

Piano Size

First, you need to consider what type of piano you have because they aren’t all the same. Upright pianos are what they sound like in that the strings sit upright, so these pianos are smaller than others.

A grand piano has the strings lay horizontally, so the piano is much larger. Meanwhile, a baby grand is a bit shorter but still has the same basic design as a grand piano.

The larger the instrument, the more you can expect to pay piano movers. They might need to bring an extra person and more supplies to move and protect the piano. Go to the Premier Movers website.

Moving Distance

Next, you should think about how far you need to move the piano. If you’re moving to a nearby neighborhood, you might need to pay a few hundred dollars for the move.

However, when moving your piano across the country, you’ll have to pay a lot more. The exact amount can depend on the other factors as well.

Some piano movers might only work in one area. In that case, you might need to rent piano moving materials and a truck to drive yourself before hiring another set of movers in your new city.

Job Difficulty

You should think about how difficult the piano will be to move. If your piano is on the main floor of your home, it might be relatively easy to get out the door and load onto a truck.

However, think about if the movers will have to take the piano up or down a flight of stairs. Harder moving jobs will take longer, so the moving firm can charge you a lot more.

Even if the rate is per hour, you’ll need more money on hand. That way, you can get the piano where you need it to go.

Move Time

Another thing to think about is when you need to move the piano and how much notice you can give the movers. If you move during a busy season, you might need to pay a rush fee for the movers to prioritize your piano.

The same is true if you don’t give much notice from when you book the move and when it happens.

Also, consider the season and if the movers will offer climate control for the piano. The wood needs to stay in a stable environment, but that can cost you extra money as well.

Why Hire Piano Movers

The average piano movers cost might be expensive. However, paying for piano movers can be well worth the price, even if it doesn’t seem that way right now.

Consider the following benefits of hiring piano movers.

Professional Experience

Regardless of their services or specialty, professional movers have more experience. They might know how to navigate through narrow doorways with a piano, for example.

They’ll also have the moving supplies necessary to keep your piano safe. So while you might pay for the service, you’d need to buy protective blankets and other gear if you tried to move the piano yourself.

Hiring movers is important when transporting any large, valuable item. Make things easier on yourself and find a good moving firm you trust to take your instrument to your new place.

Tune the Piano

Depending on the movers you hire, they might also offer a piano tuning service. You can tune your piano, but it’s one of those things that professionals are better at doing.

Like moving the instrument, professionals know how to adjust the strings inside the piano. Depending on when you last hired a tuner and where you move, your piano could go out of tune.

Even if the movers don’t tune the piano, they might recommend a piano tuner. That way, you can get a specialist to make sure your piano plays well in your new home.

Protect Yourself

Many people can move a piano a few feet or across a concert stage. However, it takes more strength and certain skills to be able to move a piano from one home or building to another.

If you try to move your piano that far, you could end up hurting yourself. Even if the move doesn’t involve stairs, you don’t want to risk dropping the piano or rolling it over your foot.

You might have a friend willing to help, but they might not know how to move the piano safely. Professionals know how to avoid scratching the piano or damaging it as well as how to keep themselves safe.

Better Truck

Forget the manual part of moving a piano, and think about driving it to a new location. Piano movers might have some padding and other gear in their moving truck to keep your instrument safe.

The truck might come with plenty of blankets, and it could have climate control, even in the back. All of that is important because you can keep the piano safe from extreme temperatures or bumps in the road.

Stop Wondering, “How Much Do Piano Movers Cost?”

Almost every pianist has wondered, “how much do piano movers cost?” It’s not the easiest question to answer because every move is different.

You can expect to spend $100 or as much as $2,000 to move your instrument. The specifics depend on the piano’s size, the length of the move, and the complexity of the move.

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