People with a disability can apply and benefit from Social Security Disability insurance. Due to their special nature, it may not be advisable to let them go about the hassles of claiming their benefits, hence the need to employ the services of an SSDI Lawyer.

An SSDI Lawyer means a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer.

Or you can just say they’re the legal practitioners trained and conversant with social security matters. He can help clients who have been denied social security benefits to appeal their denial.

However, a disabled client needs to look out for certain attributes and features before choosing an SSDI Lawyer, and they are:

  • Client’s Courtesy  

Every client desires to be treated well by his/her legal practitioner/representative. Being a potential client, you must observe how you are treated at the office. Are you being welcomed or snubbed? 

It is not possible for you to be attended to once immediately, but there should be a follow-up to your first visit.

  • Callbacks

As a follow-up to the first visit and considering the client’s physical condition, there should be a call back on the client.

A legal representative should promise to call back for further questioning. This shows the commitment to work and serve the client.

  • Experience

The years of experience and how long this legal practitioner or legal firm.has been handling SSDI benefits and claims is very important.

It is imperative to ask and find out how long they’ve been handling social security matters and how many disabled clients have benefited and are benefiting.

  • Free consultations

Before being assigned to an attorney at the legal firm, there should be a  question and answer session, which should be free to assure the client of the services he/she is giving.

It’s good to look out for these to know if you can continue or not. Satisfaction of this free consultation is before being assigned to see an attorney in the firm.

  • Sincere assessment of case

The lawyer must be fair and very sincere during questioning.

The lawyer should let the client know if he/she stands a chance at winning. Look out for a legal advocate who points out the strength and weakness of the case.

  • Availability of a contact person

The legal person must have a middle person in the firm between the legal representative and the client, known as a contact person.

This contact person is the one who constantly gets across to the disabled client and informs him about the progress of the case and inquires for any other thing.

A contact person is meant to reduce the physical movement of the client and make things easier.

  • Licensed and Certified

To be able to handle benefits, claims, disputes, and social security matters relating to a disabled person, the legal practitioner must be licensed by the legal, regulatory body and also certified by the relevant government agency.

  • Evidence of testimonials

It’s inline to request testimonials of clients who have benefited from the legal advocate’s services concerning SSDI matters.

Personal contact with them can also be established for verification. Failure of a legal firm to provide evidence of testimonials of previous clients shows they are not competent to handle your case.