An elite or high-end nanny fulfills childcare duties for wealthy families. Being a nanny is in general very challenging and dynamic vocation, but when working for high-profile families, the stakes are even higher

In addition, the governess agency can also assign you the task of taking care of the child of an individual who wants more than routine babysitting duties. In order to become a high-end nanny, you will typically get training on how to provide superior services and support to each child.

How Do You Become An Elite Nanny? 

First thing first, we need to mention that becoming a nanny for any type of family can be challenging. However, when you are over it and start taking courses and gaining experience, you will see that the job is actually very fulfilling and dynamic. 

Still, if you want to “operate on a high-end level” you need to put a bit extra effort. When we say extra effort, we think of all sorts of personal enrichment. For example, you can work on additional education in language, music, or athletics.

Usually, you need to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field like early childhood development or psychology and demonstrated ability to provide the types of extracurricular services that high-end clients demand. This may include the arts, or time spent abroad. Of course, passing a background check is a must!  Additional desirable skills are interpersonal communication, while discretion is essential. 

What Qualifications And Skills Do You Need To Become An Elite Nanny?

People who belong to a high-profile families are usually very well-known in the media and sometimes they are political or business figures. This means, they are constantly viewed by the public and always at the center of attention. Therefore, reliability is one of the top characteristics they will ask to see in you. 

Now, let’s check out some of the requirements and skills you will need for becoming a high-end nanny: 

  • Bachelor Degree
  • CPR And First Aid Certificate, and no criminal record of course 
  • Great Recommendations from UK Governess Agency 
  • Being reliable, knowledgeable, flexible, energetic, and funny 

Surely, they will ask a lot from you, but you will also receive a lot. You will be traveling often with the family, and if you really prove your loyalty, discretion, and reliability, you will be paid nicely and have the experience of your life that you will never forget. Especially successful people need someone who can trust, and more often than not, those are exactly the people who are taking care of their kids. 

Bachelor’s Degree Importance For Becoming An Elite British Governess

While nannies do not typically need college degrees to find employment, many high-end families will require you to have them prior to starting work. Extensive professional experience or education is almost essential. 

In order to become a nanny, you can choose from different schools’ childhood development or early childhood education departments. The ideal solution is to find the right balance of subjects so that you can develop your qualifications to perfection. 

Community colleges and universities are full of extension programs that often cover different aspects of childcare. You may also consider some commercial childcare facilities such as becoming an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Early Childhood Education degree.

Childcare classes are designed for nannies and elementary school teachers who seek to gain a solid foundation in the theory and practice of caring for children. Therefore, these classes are working on both developing positive relationships with families and the children themselves. 

In order to become an aspiring nanny, you will definitely need to obtain a home childcare license while additional childcare classes are interdisciplinary in nature, including such areas as education, English, psychology, English, health, and social science.

CPR And First Aid Certificate, and No Criminal Record Of Course 

For any parent, it is important that the person looking after your child has the skills to handle an emergency at home. That is why knowing how to perform CPR and First Aid is crucial for you

 If you have acquired CPR and First Aid Course Properly, emergency access and home safety will not be a problem for you. You will also be familiar with baby, child, and adult resuscitation and CPR.

Any proficient nanny should also be aware of knowing how to provide help with fractures, injuries, choking, and all other kinds of things kids and parents are dealing with every day. 

Not to forget that the background check is very important if you want to become a nanny in any type of family. However, when you are working for wealthy, successful, and famous people, it is even more important. 

Great Recommendations From UK Governess Agency 

UK Governess Agencies will give you an excellent recommendation if you are experienced childcare professional.  For the parents, it is very important to check your references

Especially when you have a famous family as a client, they will appreciate the agency recommendation. Of course, anyone wants someone reliable and someone that someone can vouch for. 

So, besides having great qualifications, if you connect with the London Governess agency, you will not regret it. They will hook you up with great clients and both sides will be extremely satisfied. 

Being Reliable, Knowledgeable, Flexible, Energetic, And Funny 

Elite nannies need to be there for the family even before they ask, because their intuition is that good. As an elite nanny, you will need to cope with all the demands and changes that your family asks of you. If you have a great sense of humor to manage it all easily, it is a match made in heaven since they need you to be positive, not take things to heart and enjoy your time spent with them. 

Since famous and wealthy families usually have a very dynamic pace of life and travel a lot, being an elite nanny you will need to be fit, energetic, and proactive. In addition, you should be very flexible, meaning, be able to adapt to changes in the plan at a moment’s notice, and with a smile. 

Infinitely knowledge ability is a huge plus. If you are educated to a high standard and have excellent references and you have NVQ / CACHE, or Montessori trained you are on a good path to creating a great relationship with the family. 

All in all, not everyone can become an elite nanny. It is mainly because becoming an elite nanny is a challenge, and you will need the skills that are unique and desirable. The key is that wealthy and famous families love you so much that they will hope to have you one day, and not vice versa.