About 3% of all employees quit their jobs within the first month. One of the main reasons why they leave is general dissatisfaction. 

When it comes to keeping valuable workers on board, it’s all about the small stuff. They’re what keeps your business going. The least you can do is put drink machines in your office. 

Having them will allow your workers to get a refreshing drink when they need it. They also create a social hub where your workers can get to know each other, and they encourage them to get up from their desks to walk around. 

The biggest struggle with having beverage machines is choosing the right one. We can help you out with that. Check out this handy buying guide to learn more. 

Types of Vending Machines 

The first hurdle you’ll have to overcome is choosing the type of vending machine you want for your office. 

This is going to depend on your values and brand. For example, if you’re all about promoting employee health, you may not want to give your workers access to sugary sodas. 

Combo Machines

As the name suggests, combo vending machines sell both snacks and drinks. It’s good for employees who don’t have the opportunity to leave the office for lunch. 

If someone gets a bit peckish while sitting at their desk, they can get a quick bite instead of heading to the convenience store across the street. 

Despite being convenient, these machines do come with a few drawbacks. For one, they’re more expensive than vending machines that only dispense soda.

For two, they hold a lot of products. That means you’ll have to refill them more often. 

Soda Machines

These drink machines only give your employees access to cold sodas. Since they specialize in a single thing, they’ll still need to be refilled often, but not as often as combo machines. They’re also the cheapest option available. 

On the downside, they use up a lot of electricity. It takes tons of power to keep sodas cold. 

Soda machines also have several moving parts. This means they’re more likely to fall apart on you. 

Coffee Machines

Coffee vending machines aren’t as widely available as combo and soda machines, but if you can get your hands on one, your employees will love you. 

You will have to be a little careful about this one. People can be picky about their morning java. 

If the coffee that your workers can get at the office is a watered-down mess, they’ll continue hitting up their favorite shop every morning. You’ll be paying to keep up a machine that nobody is using. 

Hot beverage machines don’t end with coffee. You can grab one that also dispenses hot chocolate and tea. It’s perfect for the non-coffee drinkers in your office.  

Health Drinks 

Let’s say that your business is all about promoting employee health. You give all your workers access to a free gym membership, and you supply everyone with ergonomic furniture. 

Having a bunch of soda machines in your office isn’t going to look good for your brand. You can buy a beverage machine that only hands out healthy options. 

Your employees will have access to water, and for those who crave a bit of carbonation, healthy sodas. Some of these drink machines also have non-dairy smoothies and natural energy drinks that don’t contain as many chemicals and sugar. 

Healthy You Vending reviews can tell you more about what you can expect when you put one of these machines in your office. 

Service Contract or Self-Operated

No matter what kind of machine you buy, there will come a time when it will need maintenance. It will add to the expense of the machine, but many suppliers offer a service contract that will cover you when this time comes. 

A representative from the company will fill your machines and clean them when needed. If you need repairs, all you have to do is contact the supplier, and they’ll send out a technician ASAP. 

If you want to save a little money, you can go the self-operated route. You’ll rely on your employees to fill and clean the machines. 

The only thing that’s the same is repairs. Your workers obviously can’t fix a machine malfunction. You’ll have to call in a technician for that. 

Choosing the Right Vending Machine Suppliers to Work With 

You’re going to be working with the same vending machine suppliers for years. As you can imagine, not choosing the right one for your company can be a huge and expensive mistake.

Pick a supplier that matches up to your business values. For example, if you’re running a green company, you may want to hire a supplier that recycles the machines when they eventually break down. 

If you’re not sure where to begin with your search, look up customer reviews online. 

Paying For Your Machine

Once you’ve decided what kind of machine to go with and what supplier you want to hire, you’ll have to tackle the difficult task of paying for it. 

You can enter a rental agreement. You’ll pay a little bit each month on your machine. 

If you have some extra money laying around, and you don’t want to enter that kind of commitment, you can pay for the machine outright. 

Choosing the Best Drink Machines for Your Office 

Having drink machines in the office is a great way to promote employee health and socialization. They can lighten up your business atmosphere and even reduce your employee turnover rate. 

The only struggle is choosing the right Servicer. We hope that reading this article has narrowed down your choices. For more tips that will help you keep your workers happy, visit the Business section of our blog.