Instagram has become a major resource and tool for eCommerce stores both operating online and offline. And many are continuously using this social media platform to drive more sales to their eCommerce sites. For those of you who are still remaining back, it is important that you jump into this bandwagon and start leveraging the site to increase traffic and sales. One great way to do this is by using the potency of a video maker online to create exciting content for your Instagram audience. This is bound to attract them to your site rapidly if the content lives up to their expectations.

Instagram offers a lot of potential for eCommerce hopefuls in terms of conversions and marketing. If you play all of your cards right, you can make your store a bait for customers on Instagram. So, how do you achieve this? Well, it’s simple, use the following tips to promote your eCommerce on Instagram:

Create Quality Content Using a Video Maker Online

Content is always king on social media and for SEO as well. And video, to be more precise, is the king of content. Today, you can’t log in to Instagram and miss several videos waiting for you.

Creatives are constantly sharing videos through reels on Instagram in a bid to reach a wider audience that’s become more focused on videos for marketing. And if it is working for them, then why not give it a shot too?

When creating videos, you have to ensure that you do so with precision and accuracy. Be straight to the point and ensure that quality is your main consideration. For this matter, it is advisable that you use a quality video maker online like Promo Editor so that you can achieve perfection in your videos. It has all of the necessary tools that will help you curate the best videos for social media, including Instagram.

Tag Products

For the products that you upload on Instagram, you need to tag them for customers to visit and buy directly. The best part about Instagram is that they introduced shops, which you can leverage to sell your products easily online.

Tagging products is more like a call-to-action to customers. It makes it easier for them to purchase your items. Instagram allows business accounts to tag their products just in the same way that you would tag a person on the platform. If you want to reach more clients, then you should try and use this tactic in your social media eCommerce strategy.

Leverage Hashtags

Instagram is very much hashtag-friendly. In fact, it is one of the social media sites that use the most hashtags. And using them well can drive traffic to your site. Hashtags on Instagram are one of the most potent tactics that you can use.

You can add up to even 30 hashtags on a single post on Instagram. They help you reach a wider audience and attract new potential clients to your eCommerce site. However, it is important that you carry out some hashtag research prior to using them. After you have completed this research, you can create a list of the most successful hashtags and then use them on your posts.

Remember that trending hashtags tend to change rapidly as they come. Therefore, it would help if you updated your list of hashtags on a regular basis to ensure that you have the most up-to-date hashtags for your use. It is also important that you stick to the relevant hashtags relating to your business. It is not very advisable to use just any hashtag because it is trending. Also, don’t overuse the hashtags.

Use Contests and User-generated Content

Sometimes it’s not all about creating videos using your video maker online. You can also use contests and the content that your users generate to market your eCommerce business. This will help you make your followers feel special, which is the most important thing to do.

One of the ways you can use to engage your followers is by showing them some behind the scenes photos and videos. You can create these videos showing your crew or products during their development stage. Make sure you perfect the clips using a video maker online.

Featuring your customers is also something that you can do to help improve engagement and make them feel more loyal to your brand. You can pick random content from customers who share your products and repost on your timeline. This will make them more ecstatic, as this idea works like a charm.

You can also run contests and giveaways as a mode of boosting engagement and sales. To announce your giveaways and contests, you need to use visually appealing content. And what better way to do this than through a quality video maker online? This will drive a lot of traffic to your Instagram page and help you make more sales.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s how you can promote your eCommerce on Instagram. Why not start by getting the best video maker online so that you can ensure quality videos all the time?