Decks are an integral part of a home’s appeal. A deck can be used for relaxing and entertaining, or even as an extension of your living space. But there are many ways to customize and modify your deck to make it more functional, attractive and useful. You’ve had your deck for years, but it’s time to give it a facelift. Maybe you want to add more seating or make the area more private. Maybe you’re looking for ways to incorporate plants into the space. No matter what your vision is for your deck, this is some great ideas that will help you customize and modify this part of your backyard.

1. Consult a deck builder

If you’re looking to customize and modify your deck, a deck builder is the perfect person to consult. Deck builders are skilled at building decks and adding new features to existing decks. These professionals can help you decide which materials are best for your deck based on its use, what style will work best with your home’s exterior, and how much money you should spend to get the most out of your investment—whether that means building a brand-new deck or adding amenities like lighting and railings.

A qualified and experienced deck builder like this, deck builder in Richmond can help you with ideas for customizing your deck. They can also design it for you and make sure that it is built to last, as well as maintain it for years to come.

2. Install a privacy screen

A privacy screen can be used to help you enjoy the outdoors without exposing yourself to prying eyes. When you install a privacy screen, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate materials for your deck’s material.

You can also use a privacy screen to block noise, wind, and other unwanted elements. These screens are often made of wood, metal, or vinyl and can be used in conjunction with your deck railing to create an outdoor living space that is partially or completely private.

3. Install low-deck lighting

Lighting is an easy way to highlight plants and flowers, but it can also be used for other purposes. If you want your deck to be visible at night, low-deck lighting can help illuminate the stairs and deck itself. This will make it easier for guests to navigate their way around without tripping over furniture or falling down the stairs.

In addition to being functional, these lights are decorative too! You could choose any color scheme that goes with your home’s exterior color scheme–or even just one that complements what’s already happening on the inside (like reds for Christmas).

4. Use cut bricks

If you want to customize your deck, there are some easy ways to do it. Cut bricks are a great way to make your deck unique. You can place them in a pattern on the floor of the deck or use them for step risers. You can also use cut bricks to edge the edge of the deck or make a border around the top of it. 

Cut bricks can be installed in a variety of ways to create a unique pattern. They can be used to create a border around your deck, or you could use them as the foundation for a patio area. If you’re feeling adventurous, cut bricks could also be used for walkways or as steps leading up to your front door. You can consider using specialty bricks. These bricks have unique finishes and patterns that will make your deck stand out from the rest. There are many different types of brick that can be used to create unique looks and styles.

5. Add built-in seating

You can add built-in seating to your deck and enjoy the space clutter-free. A built-in bench or table will keep all of your outdoor furniture in one place, so you don’t have to worry about moving it around when it’s not in use. If you want more storage space for some reason, consider adding a bench with storage underneath it that doubles as extra seating when needed.

If you’d rather not use a bench at all and just have an open area where people can sit down without having their feet on the ground, consider adding some sort of floor covering like grass mats or artificial turf instead! This will give them something soft enough for comfort but still allow them access when they need it later on down the road (or even right now).

6. Add an outdoor fireplace

Adding an outdoor fireplace is a great way to make your deck more functional. You can use a gas or electric fireplace, depending on your needs. If you’re going for an authentic look, opt for stone surrounds.

If you have the tools and know-how, it’s easy enough to build one yourself using concrete blocks or bricks as well as mortar (a type of clay paste used in masonry). If you’re not interested in getting down and dirty with construction materials, there are plenty of options available at home improvement stores that will help get your project off the ground quickly.

7. Upgrade the railings

A deck can be a great place to relax, but it’s not always easy to get up and down from the ground level. A railing is an excellent way to help you keep your balance while navigating the steps, and they also add a touch of elegance to any space.

The most obvious option is a railing that matches the color scheme and material of your existing deck. You may already have one in mind based on what type of wood or stone was used in its construction. This can be as simple as painting over an existing rail with some higher quality paint than what was used originally–or even replacing it entirely with something more ornate.

Alternatively, installing a different type of railing altogether will give guests more reasons why they should come visit (and stay). Try using rope instead of wood; this gives an instant nautical feel without having spent any time building anything new!

8. Paint the floorboards

Painting the floorboards is an easy way to add color and interest to your deck. This project can be done with any paint color, but it’s especially effective if you choose a hue that matches or contrasts with the railing of your deck.

You can choose from two different approaches when painting your floorboards:

  • Paint all four sides of every board individually, which requires more time and effort but results in an even finish (like this).
  • Use a stencil to apply paint directly onto each board’s face, then wipe off the excess before letting it dry overnight (like this).


There are many ways to customize and modify your deck. You can install low-deck lighting, consult a deck builder, install a privacy screen, or use cut bricks. You can also add built-in seating. When you have a deck, it’s important to customize it so that it reflects who you are and what your life is like. Customizing your deck can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be and there are many different ways of doing so. From changing out the railing and rail caps to adding lights or plantings around the perimeter of the deck, there are lots of options available today that weren’t even thought possible just a few years ago!