Since cloud storage services have become part of our daily digital activities especially if we are students or working in corporations, most of us own at least one cloud storage service: Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

In view of the fact that each cloud drive has its own limitations when it comes to storage space, feature, or security, sometimes you may need more than one cloud account for daily use. You may use several clouds at the same time in order to expand free storage space, to collaborate with different cloud users, to enjoy unique features of each cloud, or, to backup cloud files online.

Why We Need Cloud to Cloud Backup?

MultCloud as Best Cloud Backup Solution in 2021

Apart from downloading cloud files to local device and store these files as backups, there is a smarter way to protect your cloud drive from data loss. That is, using a great and free cloud backup tool to set up automatic backup files from one cloud to another without downloading and uploading.

Actually, backing up cloud files to another cloud is such an intelligent way to put double insurance to your personal and business data without taking up too much local storage. What’s more, you are able to access the same file from both clouds after backing up from one to each other.

MultCloud as a Cloud Backup Service

  • Gather All Clouds Together

As one of the best web-based cloud file managers, MultCloud is an outstanding one which allows you to manage, transfer, sync, or backup files between 30+ leading cloud storage services together in a single interface without complicated steps of switching cloud accounts.

  • Manage Clouds with Multiple Choices

MultCloud provides fascinating features to you like Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Remote Upload, Public Share, Private Share, Source Share, Sub-accounts management, and other built-in functions like Upload, Download, Copy, Cut, Preview, Rename, etc.

  • Automatic Backup Data between Clouds Seamlessly

Among those features, Cloud Backup in MultCloud is specially designed to help you, for example, backup Dropbox to Google Drive or backup OneDrive to MEGA automatically. With Cloud Backup feature, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly plan to let MultCloud backup files, folders, or clouds you choose to the destination automatically so as to achieve offline backup.

  • Most Practical Management about Version of Backups

One fascinating feature which makes MultCloud the best cloud to cloud backup services is the easiest way to manage at most 200 versions of each cloud backup task in MultCloud. And the choice of versions, the options, and the exact backups are all up to you.

  • Smart Cloud Backup Mode to Save Cloud Storage

In order to perfectly protect your cloud files while saving your cloud storage, when MultCloud performs the same cloud backup task for the second time, it will only make backup of the modified files and folders to destination. That is to say, the cloud which you backup files to will not be filled up soon.

  • Generous Free Service and Cost-effective Price

As a free user of MultCloud, you can get 30 GB traffic every month to transfer, sync, or backup data through and add unlimited number of cloud accounts to MultCloud without any purchasing, which makes MultCloud the most generous web-based multiple cloud storage manager among all its competitors.

Once you become a subscriber of MultCloud, there are more advanced features waiting for you to have a try. For example, you can transfer data from 150 GB traffic limit to unlimited traffic according to your subscription. And when transfer, sync, or backup data from cloud to cloud, you can use “Filter” to let MultCloud ignore or only transfer files with the extensions you choose.

Final Words

If you think the above advantages of MultCloud is worthy of a try, you can search for the official website of MultCloud and sign up an account to have a try. And if you don’t want to add any personal information to MultCloud but still want to explore the useful functions, luckily, MultCloud offers you a choice to “Try without signing up” by giving you a temp account to enter for free.

Anyway, as you can find from the above article, MultCloud may be a superb service which helps you to manage all you cloud drive services in the most efficient and secure way.