From making coffee to fixing problems, technology has become an essential part of everything humans do. For example, people no longer have to wait for days trying to fix their network. Instead, they simply Call Spectrum, and the company’s rep does everything remotely. And that’s just a small example of how technology has made everything easier. The most recent impact of computers on our everyday lives is how we park our vehicles! Yes, that’s right; technology has now entered another aspect of our daily routine, and people are all the more grateful for it!

5 Ways Smart Tech Is Revolutionizing the Future of Parking 

As of today, smart technology is changing the way people park their cars and vans. While there are many ways it is doing so, here are five ways how that’s happening: 

#1. Internet of Things

As mentioned earlier, companies no longer have to send employees and technicians to a user’s place to inspect the issue. Instead, they can simply log into the computers, connect to the devices at the user’s end, and retrieve important information about the gadget and its surroundings. How is that possible? Thanks to the Internet of Things! 

IoT helps humans connect various devices and technological gadgets to each other through a network created by the internet. And it has had a major impact on the future of parking. For example, it helps drivers identify vacant parking spaces around them and ensure no vehicles are coming in from other corners. This way, IoT helps them find a parking spot easily and diminishes the chances of an accident in the parking lot. 

#2. Control Systems

Another significant benefit of incorporating the Internet of Things in parking systems is maintaining urban safety. IoT creates a sensor network and helps process control systems and parking algorithms. This way, it helps identify any violation of parking rules, register it, collect potential evidence, and store it for legal use. It can also help in issuing tickets and notifying the violator within seconds. Overall, it helps keep a strict eye on the parking lot, ensuring everyone follows the rules. In fact, this advanced network is even more efficient than manual labor. 

#3. Meter Timing

Platforms connected by the Internet of Things also notify drivers if their parking meter is expiring. These tools help keep the drivers informed about their vehicles. Plus, they can extend the duration of the parking time by quickly paying online. This automated method of meter extension helps reduce cases of traffic violations and increases a facility’s revenue. It’s fast, easy, and very convenient! Also, it reduces the possibility of human error by the traffic police, cheating, and bribery. 

#4. Automatic Technology 

Just like coffee machines, parking lots have become pretty much automated as well. This technology has already been implemented in Colorado, where parking systems have become fully automated. As a vehicle enters the parking lot, it is scanned using lasers. Next, moving platforms lift the vehicles and transfer them into an appropriate vacant parking space. This automatic system is more convenient, requires much less manual labor and supervision, and is relatively faster than conventional parking methods. 

In addition, the automated storage racks can hold about four times more vehicles than a typical garage despite the space being pretty much the same. How? Because the automatic parking requires leaving less space between cars. 

#5. Self-Driving Cars

Many robot cars have now become independent in terms of driving and parking. Previously, companies like Tesla and Mercedes were working on self-driving cars that did not require manual assistance. Similarly, they are working on creating cars that can park themselves without human supervision. Indeed, such cars will require technologically advanced parking lots as well. This change will only work once both aspects of the process become revolutionized. 

Self-parking cars will also offer the same benefits as automatic parking lots: they will be faster, require less manual labor, and take up less space. In addition, since cars will park automatically without any human valets, they will need less space to open doors around them. This way, they will be more space-efficient, and more vehicles will be able to park in a small area. 


Who knew that technology would one day become a huge part of everything people do, even the way how they park their cars! However, science fiction cartoons now seem all the more possible as these impossible dreams are turning into reality one by one. At this point, one must think: is there anything technology isn’t capable of? Maybe not.