User generated content should be subject to constant control. Platforms, social media profiles, websites – all can benefit from the user generated content moderation. Who provides this kind of service, and why is it worth investing in it?

Every day, millions of posts, images, and videos get removed from online platforms. Browsing through the Internet daily, we’re not even conscious that the data appearing on our feed is already sorted. That doesn’t mean, obviously, that the user cannot freely express their opinions and views.

What is UGC moderation? 

User generated content moderation is not censorship, but a way to guarantee the users’ safety in comfort while using the platform. The content that gets removed explicitly violates the platform’s rules through, for example, spreading hatred or racist views.

Can you moderate the user generated content by yourself?

Contrary to common belief, moderation of content is not an easy task. It requires not only familiarity with the standards of the platform, but also cultural and linguistic competencies.

Differentiating the satiric from offensive content and identifying the obfuscated propaganda is not possible without a context in a particular culture and the current political situation. That’s why cooperating with a team of skilled content moderators is essential.

Instead of hiring the moderators, it’s worth considering outsourcing. It’s a perfect solution for business owners since it allows cutting costs. When it comes to efficency, it usually brings much better outcomes than hiring moderators full-time.

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Hiring content moderators vs. outsourcing

The companies specialized in UGC moderation have standardized procedures and training. It facilitates quality control and preparing the new employee to work within a short time. On the other hand, they put a strong emphasis on the mental well-being of their employees. It is important since their job can be really stressful.

Which type of outsourcing should you choose?

The choice of outsourcing may allow your company to focus on its area of expertise instead of forming a new department specialized in moderation. Which outsourcing model to choose for the moderation of user generated content? 

Not that long ago, the most common content moderation outsourcing pattern was offshoring – in other words, the exchange of services between countries on the opposite ends of the economic spectrum. However, it may generate some problems based on cultural differences. The lack of cultural context may lead to restricting the content that goes in line with the platform’s guidelines or, contrarily, accepting the one that violates it.

That’s why, currently, nearshoring (outsourcing services in the neighboring countries) is much more popular. Outsourcing the content moderation that way, you can count on all the benefits without the risk of inefficient moderation.