There are various tarps available in the market from canvas, polyester, plastic and the list goes on. But the most commonly used tarp that is being used nowadays is the poly tarp or polythene tarp. Poly tarps are generally made of woven polythene and are then coated with a layer of polythene making them highly resistant to water. Poly tarps consist of grommets which are added at every 18 inches or 1-yard interval allowing you to tie the tarp from the bottom. Then a poly rope is also added to the poly tarp making it stronger. 

In this article, we will discuss the poly tarps of various grades and will help you to choose which one is the best for your purpose. 

Low-Quality Poly Tarp

Low-quality poly tarps are generally blue and their weight varies between 2.1 and 3.0 ounces. You can easily get a low-quality poly tarp almost everywhere be it a local shop, a large DIY store, or from online vendors. These poly tarps are affordable but are not suitable for long-term use. One big disadvantage of a low-quality poly tarp is that it is not effective against the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and can hardly last for a month or two if kept under the prolonged exposure to the sun. Due to low tensile strength, these poly tarps are not much resistant to wear and tear. 

Mid Grade Poly Tarp

Mid-grade poly tarps are generally available in dual colors, with one side painted green and the other silver or white. Mid-grade poly tarps weigh almost 4.5 ounces. As the name suggests, mid-grade poly tarps are ideal for providing an average level of protection within an affordable price range. The side which is silver in color helps to reflect away the sunlight thus protecting from the harmful UV rays of the sun. According to Sciencing, any color other than white or silver absorbs radiation. White or silvery-white can reflect the entire light falling upon them. This tarp is best for using boat covers. The longevity of mid-grade poly tarps depends on the way you are using them. With normal usage, this tarp will easily last for a year or two. 

Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

Heavy-duty poly tarps are mainly available from specialist vendors and are competitively good-priced tarp. Heavy-duty poly tarps are available in two color combinations white or silver and green or black. Compared to white or silver, black and green poly tarps have limited availability. The white or silver heavy-duty poly tarps are used as the replacement for canopy covers. White or silver are also suitable to use as boat covering and can also be used to cover up objects that you want to protect for a long time. Heavy-duty poly tarps are the best to use in the agriculture industry. 


These are the top 3 types of poly tarps that you must be aware of. Hope this article has been useful and now you can decide which poly tarp to choose and when.