Ragi, also known as Nachni, is a superfood that has only recently been rediscovered. Ragi is widely grown in Karnataka and Maharashtra along with a few other states. For centuries Ragi was loved and consumed by Indians until Rice took over and overshadowed it. However, health-conscious people today are looking at Ragi in a new light. This may be due to its multiple health benefits and the fact that it is gluten-free and contains very low amounts of fat!

Health Benefits of Ragi

Characteristically brown in colour, Ragi is one of the most beneficial foods one can consume. It is widely given to children and pregnant women too! Ragi contains high fibres that aid in digestion and keep one feeling full for longer. When one feels full for longer, they tend to avoid snacking too and this indirectly helps one to not gain fat!

Aashirvaad Ragi Flour is a high-quality Ragi option that can easily give you all of Ragi’s health benefits and delicious taste too. Aashirvaad Ragi flour contains all important micronutrients and dietary fibres that can enhance your daily meals and bright the right change in your family’s health!

According to an article by NDTV Food, Ragi is significant because it contains a great amount of calcium, carbohydrates and amino acids while also being gluten-free, which makes it perfect for lactose intolerant consumers. Ragi also contains Vitamins C, E,B, folic acid, magnesium, iron and phosphorous.

All in all, Ragi is known to prevent anaemia, improve heart, skin, and bone health in everyone. Suitable for growing children, lactating mothers, and patients with digestive issues, Ragi is also people’s favourite for its weight loss benefits!

When to consume Ragi

Now that you know why you must consume Ragi, it is necessary to understand when you must consume it too. One of the most frequently asked questions while learning about Ragi is if it can be consumed daily.

Ragi indeed can be consumed everyday however, according to The Times of India, it is advised by health experts that Ragi be consumed in the day and avoided at night. Since Ragi can be filling, it can cause discomfort while sleeping. Therefore, having full meals made with Ragi is not favourable at night. However, having Ragi Malt, or a small amount of Ragi mixed with milk can bring comfort and relax the body!

Most importantly, Ragi can be consumed daily in the daytime. Ragi is one of the most popular cereals in South India and it is widely consumed for Breakfast. There are a ton of dishes made with Ragi for breakfast that fill the stomach and energise the body!

Ragi Mudde, a dish that consists of balls made with Ragi flour and served with Chutney or Sambar, is one of the most common Ragi dishes in South India. Ragi flour is also used to make porridge for kids. Ragi Idli and Ragi Dosa make for sumptuous breakfasts and Ragi Malt is one of the best drinks to have between meals to avoid snacking too!

Ragi flour can also be used to make Rotis, Puris, Ladoos, Halwa etc. too, so enjoy and get creative with your Ragi flour every day!