35% of shoppers buy from retailers based outside of their home country, a 9% increase from 2014.

Customers shop from foreign businesses because they want competitive pricing, unique goods, and brands unavailable in their own country. By focusing on international marketing, you can start appealing to these consumers.

However, international marketing can be much more complicated than local marketing. That’s why, to simplify the process, it’s crucial to hire an international marketing manager.

Read on to learn how international marketing management can amplify your business’s growth.

Boost Your Brand Reputation

From Apple’s fruit-shaped logo to the Nike swoosh, the best branding has one thing in common: it’s recognizable and trusted all around the world.

The biggest brands are only so colossal because they stepped outside of their local area to reach multiple corners of the globe. And the more people recognize these brands internationally, the more they feel comfortable buying from them.

An international marketing manager can help you tap into fresh markets and build customer loyalty in new countries. Then, you can build a bulletproof brand reputation.

Master International Digital Marketing

Today, the power is in the hands of individual customers shopping online, deciding which businesses to buy from and why.

Often, they make their decisions based on online ads, search engine rankings, and social media marketing.

To make the most of international digital marketing and in a way that translates well in different cultures and languages, an international marketing manager can guide the way.

They’ll explain how to market using international links and SEO to attract customers globally.

Leverage Stable Markets

Working with a manager for international marketing will help you target stable markets, even if your local market is struggling.

For example, let’s say your own country is experiencing a recession. However, other countries are unaffected by this recession and continue to have a thriving economy. An international marketing manager can help you target stable markets where customers are still likely to buy your product or service.

That way, your business can continue to thrive, no matter what the economy is like in your home country.

Increase Sales

Perhaps the most important and appealing reason to hire an international marketing manager is to increase sales revenue for your business.

Eventually, many businesses outgrow their local markets. They have a product or service customers love, and they’ve nailed their day-to-day business operations. They just need to reach more people.

If that sounds like your company, it might be the perfect time to start marketing internationally to widen your customer base and multiply your sales.

Ready to Work With an International Marketing Manager?

One of the best ways to boost your brand, reach international customers, and increase sales is to work with a professional to manage marketing internationally. Start by hiring an international marketing manager today.

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