The first blog post appeared on the web way back in 1994, and this form of publishing has continued to grow exponentially ever since. If you run a business, blogging is becoming more and more important for building trust with customers and making sales.

But what are the best ways to choose good blog topics for small business blogs? When you’re already busy, you may be reluctant to take the time to select and write topics for your blog.

You’ll be relieved to hear it’s quick and easy to pick amazing blog post ideas by using a few straightforward techniques. 

Let’s dive in and learn more.

Ask Your Target Audience

Your customers and potential buyers are the people who are going to be reading your business blog, so an easy way to find out what topics they would like you to cover is to ask them.

You can also make a list of the most frequently asked questions you get asked by your customers and create blog posts that provide detailed answers. This is a simple way to select blog article ideas that are sure to resonate with your target audience. 

Look for Trending Topics

As part of your blogging SEO strategy, you can look for trending topics online and then write posts around that type of content. But, rather than surfing the web and hoping to identify trends, it’s much quicker and more accurate to use online tools that can give you this information in a short amount of time. 

Therefore, you should learn how to do a keyword search before sitting down to write your company’s blog posts.

Get Ideas From Your Competitors

You can review articles listed on your competitors’ websites and decide if any of their post topics would fit in well on your website. It’s important to never copy a rival’s content, you are only looking for inspiration, and you can then write about the subject matter in your own words. 

Create an Ideas File

While it’s essential to plan your content marketing strategy, you may also find that blog post topic ideas pop into your head at random times. To avoid forgetting about these thoughts, you could create an ideas file on your phone and type in the topics whenever they occur to you. 

When you are sitting down to write your next post, you can then open your file and choose your favorite idea.

Take the Time to Choose Good Blog Topics for Small Business Blogs

When you know how to choose good blog topics for small business blogs, you’ll always have fresh content to post for your customers. It can help to learn how to search for trending topics, and you can also find ideas on your competitors’ websites. 

In addition, you can ask your customers what they would like you to write about, and keeping an ideas diary can help you record those fleeting thoughts that could make superb blog posts. This can help you write excellent blog articles that drive more organic traffic to your website. 

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