Twitch is the largest streaming network at the moment. As more people choose streaming as a career, Twitch’s popularity continues to grow. The platform has seen some of the most prominent names in the community such as Ninja, xQc and Ludwig. Twitch hosts a variety of content, including music and gaming, as well as IRL streams, where streamers share their everyday lives with viewers. Despite the wealth of content available on Twitch, most people don’t like the Twitch preroll ads.

Recently, Dan Clancy, the new Twitch CEO revealed that they are working to improve the user experience. Recently, he spoke on stream about the changes they’re making and how they plan to improve the platform. He stressed how they will “lean away from” pre-roll ads over the next days.

New Twitch CEO suggests that pre-roll ads will be removed

A recent interview with Kahlief Adam, aka SpawnOnMe. Dan Clancy, the new Twitch CEO, discussed the possibility of eliminating pre-roll advertisements. He mentions that “I look at many channels, rather than the small number I subscribe to, so I see a lot more ads because I’m moving about.” As we were talking, I actually brought up your channel. Because I thought, let’s do that live so I can chat, I saw an advertisement .”

Clancy continues to voice his opinion about pre-roll advertisements and how they hinder user experience. He says, “I think that that is not the right experience when trying to find new content.”

Clancy said that they are investigating the issue and will be making changes or improvements. Clancy stated, ” At the moment, we have some testing going and will be rolling out some stuff soon. It really leans away pre-roll ads for people who are in discovery mode.”

We may not have to wait for Twitch to make changes to pre-roll ads. Although it might seem like a problem for viewers who are just browsing the channels, these ads contribute a significant amount of the earnings to the platform.