In the current pandemic of COVID-10 Corona Virus the T-mobile wireless network company has joined forces with others wireless services. Through this initiative, the aim of the company is to offer relief to the customers affected by the duration of the. In addition to other amenities The company has also provided the possibility of upgrading MetroPCS phone during Covid-19.

But How and When You Can Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

Why Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

Metro, a T-Mobile owned company Metro offers a range of best rent-to-own plans for the month. The plans are all unlimited calls, texts and data. Before you upgrade, verify your needs. In addition, you could include additional features included in Metro PCS plans which are inexpensive and are still in use.

In the year 2015 MetroPCS joined T-Mobile which meant that all Metro PCS handsets were transferred to T-Mobile’s LTE network. The merger affected old phone users who had metro PCS phones could not connect to the latest technology of the wireless LTE band. In the end, it was necessary for older metro users to upgrade their Metro.

How to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

How do I upgrade MetroPCS phones? The upgrade process isn’t that complicated, and will not take long to finish the procedure. T-Mobile will release and introduce several new features for its customers who are new and old. Customers who are already subscribers can access several of the most recent MetroPCS upgrade phones with ease. If you’re not a Metro Phone user, then you still have the chance to avail the discount by purchasing an upgraded MetroPCS phone.

Recently, MetroPCS by T-Mobile has launched a variety of offers to its customers, including several new phones and massive discounts on the other MetroPCS phones.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

When you purchase any MetroPCS phones you are automatically eligible to upgrade your phone every 90 days after activating the phone at least four times per year.

If you are still looking to update your smartphone within 90 days, you’ll need to pay for the entire cost of the handset you have chosen. This can be done at any time , but only via using the My Metro App app.

How Metro by T-Mobile Is Responding to Coronavirus?

We all know that COVID-19, a pandemic that has a negative impact on everyone’s lives. However, the company has offered some relief with numerous options like Unlimited international calling, unlimited data, and additional hotspot data over the course of two months. Doesn’t that sound thrilling and provide some relief in this stressful scenario? Let’s continue reading and learn more about what they’re providing.

HotSpot data All T-mobile Wireless plan that includes mobile HotSpot mobile data is eligible to receive an additional 10GB HotSpot data per month for the next 2 months.

International Calling The company provides free calling across the world, but it is limited to chosen landline and mobile numbers.

Mobile Data Customers with plans that include the use of limited data will now have all the data they need for 60 days.

Metro Retail Stores:– All Metro authorised stores are closed temporarily within malls that are inside. Other stores and dealers located in remote locations are operating only a few hours of operations or are closed completely until an announcement is made.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading MetroPCS Phones

There are always pros and cons to upgrading mobile phones since they can be used easily and speedily due to your habits of use. However, when you purchase the latest phone, it is important to be more cautious while managing. Let’s look at what benefits positive and negative you will enjoy as a smartphone user.

If you’re an iPhone fan and want to upgrade, you can select T-Mobile’s services without a doubt since they have all iPhones starting from iPhone 6s up to the latest iPhones called 11 Pro Max. 11 Pro Max. It’s a fact that Apple provides iPhone model with internal storage that goes as high as 512 GB. However, Metro offers only iPhones that have a maximum of 64GB of storage.

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Definitely, you need more space to store data. However, the reality is that iPhones that have less memory are more expensive when comparison to 128GB, 2GB and 512GB. Ultimately, T-Mobile can help you save money.

If you’re running out of space and need to expand your storage you can always purchase a low-cost iPhone for USB memory drive that is readily available on the market. They allow you to have the storage you require at less than the price.

Similar to iPhones, Metro by T-Mobile offers its customers the option of choosing their preferred Android smartphones. It is possible to purchase the high-end Galaxy S10+, or you can opt for the less expensive Alcatel 7 it’s all up to you. There are many premium, mid-priced, and budget Android phone models available so you are more likely to locate the perfect Android smartphone for you.

If you’re among the people who think that spending money on phones is an expense, since the majority of us are using phones for calls and texting. But , you’ll always have to pay a large amount due to the misguided actions of a salespersons, T-Mobile lets users to pick. T-Mobile does not just provide low-cost plans compared to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon however, the company also offers a selection of more than 15 phones that cost less than $200.

The 15 phones that are affordable include older models such as those of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and modern ones like the latest Samsung Galaxy A6.

If you upgrade your MetroPCS handset, it is possible that you will not receive any credit for trade-ins at discounted prices or a discount, and you’ll also need to pay an up-gradation cost in addition to the total cost of the phone you pick.

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However, if there’s any ongoing promotions on the phone that you decide for upgrading to you’ll be eligible for the discounted price and credit on your trade-in for as long as it’s been at least 90 days from the most recent MetroPCS handset purchase. This is a good option to upgrade to Metro by T-Mobile since existing customers are the first to be eligible for promotions and offers in comparison to other wireless carriers who offer these kinds of deals for new customers only.

If you’re satisfied with your phone but aren’t looking to spend on a new model You can become a member of T-Mobile (Which is also known informally as Bring Your Device) without purchasing a new handset. However, before you sign up to T-Mobile ensure that your device can be used on their mobile network or not.

If you want to switch to T-Mobile, without the need to buy a new handset It is crucial to be able to use the Wireless Number portability. You can continue to the same phone number while switching into Metro PC.

It is possible to check compatibility by looking up your serial number or IMEI number, and then entering it into their database. You can locate your IMEI number three ways:

  • Call *#06# from your mobile phone.
  • If your device has a battery that is removable You will locate it on the bottom of the battery.
  • Go through the settings on your phone on the phone menu.

Once you’ve located the IMEI number, you can enter it into Metro by using T-Mobile’s database. It will inform you whether your phone is compatible or whether you’re required to buy another.

If you have locked or deactivated metro phone, there are three options to unlock and activate the phone

  1. In-store, which means you choose to go to the Metro PCS phone store near your home.
  2. Online To activate MetroPCS phone as well as unblock MetroPCS phones which means you’ll be able to get assistance with the Metro PCS phone expert over their official website.
  3. In a telephone call which will connect you to the customer support department via the numbers that are listed on their official website.

If you’re looking to update MetroPCS phones online Then you must follow the guidelines that were mentioned previously and also the conditions and terms for upgrading your Metropcs phone.

How to Upgrade MetroPCS Phones?

  • Visit and sign in to your account using your mobile number as your login ID. Then, enter your password.
  • Click on “upgrade device.”
  • Choose a phone you love the most, then add it in your basket.
  • Then you’ll be asked to choose one plan (Always choose plans that meet your needs). MetroPCS provides a two-year plan or no annual contract once you click “Add to Cart.”
  • When you are ready to checkout You may be required to select an insurance policy, select it and then click “Continue to the next step.”
  • Check out the accessories available that you may find appealing and click “Continue to the next step.”
  • Review the order and choices you’ve made, then click “Submit.”
  • In the final step you must select delivery options , and then select “Submit”. Woohoo! You’ll be ready right now!

Metro by T-Mobile Cell Phone Deals May 2020

Deal #1 Family Plan Deal: 4 Lines for $100

If you’re in need of an Family plan that would contain everything, don’t pass up this fantastic bargain. This offer includes the option of four lines with unlimited text, data, and talk at just $100 per month. In addition, each family member will receive 5GB of hotspot data each month, as well as 100GB Google One cloud storage. The plan is an in-store deal, however you will save 100$ per month by choosing this plan.

Deal #2Free Samsung Galaxy A20

For this offer to be available You must change to T-Mobile from your current wireless provider. Immediately when you join, you’ll receive the Free Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone. Galaxy A20 offers a marvellous 13 megapixel camera, and the entire array of features. This is especially so because it doesn’t cost any money to purchase this phone. You can save 239.99dollars.

Deal #3Free LG Stylo 5

If you’re a fan of the technology ideas of LG phones, then change over to Metro from T-Mobile to get one no cost! To change to T-Mobile all you need to do is fill out the necessary paper work and pay the relevant taxes and account activation fees, then this amazing phone is yours!
Extra Notes: Existing customers of T-Mobile aren’t eligible for this deal.

Deal #7iPhone for just $29.99

Yes, you’ve read exactly as it was written. You can purchase the brand new iPhone 7 when you drop your current provider and sign up with T-Mobile. To take advantage of this offer you have to go to an authorized MetroPCS store. This offer is worth it if need to shell out for the entire price, but are deeply in love with an Apple phone. You can save $350 as the standard cost for the iPhone 7 is $399.99.

Deal #5$120/month for 4 Lines of Unlimited + Amazon Prime

Doesn’t this offer appear too appealing to be true? However, it’s actually factual. To get this incredible offer, you must switch to T-Mobile to get 4 lines of unlimited data for only $30 per line! Isn’t that cool? Imagine if you’re an entire group of members and you love to stay in touch with one another.

The price for the initial plan is $60. It also comes with Amazon Prime Membership for all members. Other benefits included in this plan are a 15GB hotspot and a high data deprioritization threshold.