It’s been a little over an entire year since Netflix broadcast Tiny Pretty Things, a show for teens that focuses on not just the gorgeous and graceful aspect of dancing but as well the dangers within it. After all this time have Netflix approved Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 or was it cancelled?

The first season received a lot of mixed critiques. Although some fans binge watched 10 episodes that season 1 had to offer, others stopped watching the show around midway.

It makes us wonder if Netflix chose to continue the show again and give it a attempt with Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 or are they planning to let it go. If you’re thinking about this and other things keep reading.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 Release Date

Based on the book written by Sona Charaipotra, Dhonielle Clayton. Tiny Pretty Things season 1 was full of things happening in terms of drama. The show earned a rating of 52 percent on Rotten Tomatoes because critics did not like the amount of sexual scenes in the season for a show for teens.

They felt it was insensitive and not even necessary. Many even believed that the sexual scenes were distracting the viewers away from the story and diverting viewers away from the deeper mysteries that the show could solve.

With all the drama going on and on, the staff at Netflix has not been announcing anything about season 2. However, Brennan Clost who was in season 1 as Shane has expressed his opinion on the development of the show in a recent YouTube video.

The news isn’t great for those who’ve been waiting for this long to learn of Tiny Pretty Things Season 2. Close has announced on his YouTube that Tiny Pretty Things Season 2 was quietly pulled by Netflix.Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Brennan Close and His Youtube Video Regarding Tiny Pretty Things Season 2

Close recently made a statement regarding season two of Tiny Pretty Things. The actor informed the audience that the show was cancelled. In addition, he explained why nobody from the crew, cast or even the producers have made any comments about it. He stated:

“Netflix informed us that they weren’t going to make it public because the way Netflix content is created is that it’s evergreen within their platform. The content will remain available for a long time on Netflix.

They didn’t want to take away from the discoverability….If people know that a show isn’t coming back for a second season, more often than not they’re going to choose not to watch it. The audience doesn’t wish to be attracted.”

In addition, he explained that this was the exact reason for everyone else involved in the show decided to keep their mouths shut. He further stated that the actors all, including himself enjoyed working on that show. They were delighted to be part of the show.

He also mentioned that Shane’s role Shane has played a crucial part in his professional career. Unfortunately, there won’t there will not Tiny Pretty Things Season 2.


Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 story revolves around the world-class dance school located within Chicago, Archer School of Ballet. The show revealed the dramatic loss of Cassie the ballerina who was the most sought-after on the school’s roof.

It also exposed the various theories that were associated with her fall , since certain people believed that the incident was unavoidable, while others believed that it was intended to take her away. The fact is, her injury resulted in her place being accessible to anyone which is a great thing, and who wouldn’t be thrilled with this.

The story becomes exciting as Cue Neveah arrives at the ballet school. She transforms the atmosphere in the dance school through her charisma. But, Bette and the other girls aren’t thrilled to watch her climb the ranks. According to them, only they have the power to become most best in Archer.