Did you know that 71% of American adults have traveled outside the country? Whether you just got back from your first international trip or you visit several countries a year, there are several benefits to traveling. 

Traveling can introduce you to new cultures, boosts creativity, broadens your perspective on the world, and increases happiness. While there are many benefits to traveling, it can be expensive and hard to find the time. 

Are you wondering how to travel more? Keep reading to learn more about travel tips that can help you travel more often. 

1. Maximize Your PTO

If you are someone that loves to travel but has a full-time job, you may struggle to balance traveling and your career. Luckily, you can maximize your PTO to have lots of travel experiences. 

The average American employee gets between 18 and 29 days of PTO each year. While you should save some of this time off for emergencies and sick days, you also can use the time to travel. 

When planning your vacations, use your PTO around weekends and holidays to maximize your time. 

2. Look For Remote Work

Did you know that some people travel full-time? If your PTO doesn’t give you enough time to travel, you should consider looking for remote work.

With a remote job, you can work from a coffee shop in London or a beach in Bali. If you can do your current job from home, ask your employer if you can become a remote employee. 

If not, you can start a side hustle that eventually turns into a full-time job. You can start a consulting business, run a YouTube channel, or become a freelancer. 

3. Visit Cheap Destinations

If money is one of the biggest reasons you don’t travel, you should consider traveling to cheaper countries.

While an all-inclusive resort on the beach sounds nice, you can save money and get a more authentic experience by traveling off the beaten path. 

Some cheap countries to travel to include Mexico, Thailand, Romania, and Argentina. When planning your vacations, try to stay in hostels, cook your food, and travel during the off-season. 

4. Try Travel Hacking

Traveling hacking is the process of accumulating points to help pay for your travel expenses. You can save money on travel by applying for airline reward programs and credit cards. 

If you stick with the same airline, you will earn miles every time you fly. You can later use these miles for free flights and seat upgrades.

Several travel credit cards give you travel points when you make everyday purchases. You can use those points to pay for flights, hotels, and restaurants. 

Make sure you pay your credit cards off monthly to avoid expensive interest charges. If you are looking for a travel credit card, TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite could be a good option. 

Now You Know How to Travel More

Traveling is a great way to learn about new cultures, boost your mood, and improve your physical health. If you are wondering how to travel more, maximize your PTO, consider remote work, and travel to cheap destinations. 

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