Digitalization is a business-wide test, not just an issue of assembling, warehousing, or coordination. Considering digitalization as a collection of individual projects confounds the interaction and minimizes the value it can offer to your business.

But why isn’t the space between businesses expanding faster, given that the innovation required to do so is already available?

Business leaders rarely perceive the promised or anticipated benefits of digitalization in business from a holistic perspective. Still, if we continue to deal with digitalization in walled ways, the exclusive benefits will remain undiscovered.  

Why switch to a digitalized method in the financial area?

Considering this era of digitalization, switching to e-invoicing could save up a lot of time and effort. The two main problems that could be tackled are – speed and efficiency. Minimal errors and less hassle are worth investing time! Not only that, a huge plus point would be real-time tracking and insight into the invoicing processes. 

E-invoice refers to an invoice that is issued, transmitted, received, processed, and stored electronically using a specific document format. It’s mainly used for accounting, more like between the buyer and the supplier through digitalized means.

Alongside helping the buyers, it would nearly eliminate the chances of fraud. In addition to this, the companies get the pros of interoperability! Indeed a cost-effective option.

Since there are chances that the normal invoices can be misplaced or sometimes many copies are required, in that case, a QR code comes in aid. It ensures multiple copies of an invoice in a savable format. However, if any discrepancies were to arise, they could be eliminated by circuiting them back to their origin.

Apart from these, the buyers and suppliers come a step closer as the mediatorship would be heaved. Thus,  allowing the companies to reach a vast amount of customers and expanding their business. Thanks to  Digitalization, we have access to the world. Limit is something that hinders a business. But that being excluded now, you can take up your business to the next level!

E-invoices made easy with easyap

easyap is one name in the industry that provides exclusive e-invoicing services. Being a  pioneer company, it has aided companies of all sectors, sizes, and locations through the decades. SMEs and leading companies such as in Spain, America, and Europe make use of their services in long-term projects.

Our team consists of accountants and computer scientists who assist businesses throughout the invoicing process. Furthermore, easyap develops tools that are made available to its clients aimed at improving and obtaining savings in the processing of any type of invoice, regardless of the format.

Is easyap the best choice for you?  

We all want security and nominal interference in our businesses. That’s what companies like easyap do!  They assist you and make a place for substantial improvements. easyap offers better comprehensive solutions for electronic invoicing and accounts payable.

What makes easyap the best option for e-invoicing services? Below are some of the benefits that can work wonders for your business! 

Electronic Bill

easyap has developed an e-invoice issuance/reception portal which allows customers and suppliers to be connected, putting an end to technological barriers, thus providing advantages to both parties. Also, compatible with the SII System of the AEAT.

Invoice workflow

A comprehensive work model that covers all the steps of the process of processing invoices with and without a purchase order, from receipt to the automatic posting of their invoices in the business management system (buyer, supplier, warehouse, finance, approver).

Employee expenses

Web application for the registration and complete processing of employee expenses. Streamlining the processes, abolishing redundancies, and ensuring compliance with company policies.

Coming to the fact that digitalization has made companies see a growth in sales and access to a variety of buyers, has also added to the competition. Who provides it better? Which is more secure,  more reliable, and more cost-friendly? 

Paramount inference

easyap stands out as a comprehensive and straightforward name that delivers the absolute best. It furnishes tools for issuing invoices, digitized invoice data, outsourcing of tasks, resolution of incidents and so much more.

Most importantly, there are no upfront setup costs, price is per invoice process. Now that’s a deal!

Lastly, transform your business as digitalization has transformed the absolute working of it. It doesn’t matter what sector, how big or small, how much competition, your dedication and effort is what makes a business thrive.

Get what’s good for your business. Go for better options. It will be easier if you go with a company like easyap that guides you through it.

As the world has come one step closer, you also have to take one step closer towards it. That’s how a  business thrives.

Let nothing deter you.