Some people think that a remote employee is an unreliable employee. It brings little value to the company. Many managers turn down the prospect of having one or more of these employees on staff for a variety of reasons. Luckily, Freezvon’s virtual PBX helps organize your home office by easily solving a number of important issues and debunking the biggest myths about remote work.

Popular myths

The above-mentioned company offers not only the conditions for control but also a Japan virtual phone number that will bring your business to absolutely another stage. Such a solution is perfect for those companies who bet on the Asian market and want to create the impression of a presence in Japan.

Myth #1. A remote worker is always a freebie

Remote employees are sometimes called idlers, referring to the fact that the home atmosphere does not encourage work and all their tasks are light and non-urgent. Most remote employees organize their workspace specifically, set a clear schedule for themselves, and even put on work clothes. Freezvon’s virtual PBX allows you to track all calls received and made by an employee via your personal account. Here you can see all the statistics of his/her work, as well as identify efficiency.

Myth #2. It is almost impossible to control the work of a remote employee

The company owner will be able to control the workflow of his/her subordinate due to the statistics. It is absolutely not necessary to be nearby for this. The function of recording conversations will also help you. Such a feature will let the company owner always know whether an employee works according to the established standard, in what mood he/she communicates with customers, etc.

Myth #3. A remote employee can disappear at any time

First, you need to trust your employees; when they feel it, the level of responsibility is on the right track. Secondly, even if your employee really went away somewhere, this ceases to be a problem due to the Freezvon virtual PBX. The worker can receive and make calls from any convenient device: computer, tablet, mobile, or using an IP phone. This means that no customer will be missed.

How to organize a remote workplace using Freezvon PBX and a virtual number?

As easy as pie! It’s better to visit the site, check out the actual numbers and offers, and choose additional options for better productivity. You can install a special PC program that allows you to communicate from anywhere in the world and work remotely even more efficiently using only the Internet.

This service is especially useful in some cases.

  • When the company is scheduled to move to another office. At the same time, contact with partners and customers will stay the same.
  • If there are geographic communication restrictions.
  • There is no option to connect a landline phone.
  • Employees are working remotely.
  • It is necessary to activate the work.

Cloud IP telephony significantly reduces the cost of international calls for business. Therefore, companies do not need to invest in special equipment to use VoIP phone systems. All that is needed is an Internet connection. Japanese virtual numbers make international business affordable (even for small businesses with a tight budget). There is no more need to buy and install additional devices or pay for expensive international calls. Even an individual entrepreneur can use the Freezvon service and fully enjoy all the possibilities for successful remote work.

Today, almost any company has a standard analog number but a virtual number is a progressive choice. Its maintenance is cheaper and it is more profitable to use it. You can connect it easily and quickly and the service itself allows you to get all the possibilities of IP telephony. Leave a request right now and choose a desired Japan virtual number among thousands of different ones. 

The service allows you to set individual settings for each category of calls and has many useful features. It will be easier and more convenient to conduct a dialogue with a client: statistics in your personal account will help you analyze the work of operators, which means you can improve your results and attract even more calls and customers! There will be no more bad thoughts about remote work but only high productivity.