Dubai is home to places suitable for families around the world. If you plan to live there with your family, you will find many safe and secure residential options.

Watching documentaries on Dubai, I have always been fascinated by tall buildings. Moving to Dubai is a great story. You have a lot of questions in mind before you move. Will I find the house of my dreams, are there schools nearby, do I have to live on a budget and the list goes on.

I am here to answer all the common questions about life in Dubai. Let’s start …

What are the best places to live?

It is difficult to find the right place to live if your work does not provide accommodation. The rent can vary according to the season. It is best to start your hunt in early summer. Demand and prices fall during this period. Western expats prefer to stay in the Marina, LJT and JBR areas. Silicon Oasis, Emirates Hills and Motor City are great places for families. Here are your best options:

Dur Dubai

You can find accommodation from Dh550 to Dh3,000 per month for a single room. Studios are also available. The rent for furnished and unfurnished studios will vary.

The International City

If you want studios, you can buy one for a cheaper price here. It’s far from the metro lines, that’s why the rent is low. The rent varies from 3,000 Dh to 4,500 Dh. If you are looking for a room, you can book one between 500 Dh and 2 Dh, 100 per month. Pretty cheap, right?


Before you decide, know that Deira is full of excitement. Don’t worry, you will always find affordable accommodation. Prices start at Dh450 up to Dh3,500 per month. If you want a furnished apartment with a magnificent view, you will have to pay from 25,000 Dh to 75,000 Dh for this.


The rentals in Karama are similar to those in Deira as they are nearby. It is close to cafes, grocery stores, restaurants and supermarkets. These amenities make it an ideal place to live. The rental of a single room starts from Dh600 to Dh4, 200.

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Do you have to work hard in Dubai?

The people of Dubai are hard workers by nature. It’s part of their culture. Their work week runs from Sunday to Thursday. Most expatriates spend 12-14 hours in the office.

Most people do not care about working long hours. Expats have generally moved to Dubai to earn and save money. The lively festive scene and trips to exotic destinations make up for all the hard work.

Are drinks allowed?

Ask expats and they will tell you that they drink more in Dubai than anywhere else they have lived. The brunch scenes are always crazy. The bars always offer unlimited drinks. You will find a variety of seafood, alcohol and champagnes.

Partying and drinking are not illegal in the city. However, they have laws regarding alcohol. You could be arrested for drinking in public.

What weather is it?

The temperature in Dubai can reach 120 degrees between July and August. It is best to stay indoors during the summer.

The weather becomes pleasant from October to April. You want to spend your weekends on the beaches. This is what most people do.

What is the cost of living?

It is important to know that the cost of living in Dubai is expensive. The rent, groceries and bills are way too much.

So don’t be dazzled by a good salary. Make sure that what is on offer is sufficient to cover your essential bills for a decent living.

Do I have to learn Arabic?

It is not a constraint but it is preferable. Everyone in the city speaks English. It is very rare that you feel the need to speak Arabic.

There are a few words you will hear daily. It is better that you know what they mean. Yalla means hurry up and Insha Allah means God willing. It’s good if you can practice basic Arabic.

Do they have cable?

Yes, Dubai has cable TV. A handful of local channels are free. But you can also use VPN to watch Netflix and your favorite shows.

How is the traffic?

If you come from Europe, the traffic will be a shock to you. The Dubai metro has only 2 lines. He therefore does not have access to most areas of the city. Taking a taxi is faster than taking a bus. That’s why everyone has a car. There is so much traffic. If you can’t buy a car right away, plan your trip in advance.