An adjustable bed cannot be used with any other mattress because not all mattresses are compatible. However, if your current mattress is compatible, you can use it with an adjustable base.

Usually Compatible:

Memory Foam – Memory Foam Mattresses can be used with adjustable bed frames. Because they are strong and flexible, they can be used to contour the body and support people with joint pain.

Latex – Latex mattresses can be lightweight, durable, and cool. They are a great choice when you need an adjustable bed.

Sometimes Compatible:

Hybrid – Hybrid mattresses have both foam and springs. Best hybrid mattress of high quality is flexible and durable and can be used with adjustable beds.

Rarely Compatible:

Innerspring- Innerspring mattresses that aren’t made with an adjustable base aren’t ideal. Innerspring mattresses can’t bend as easily due to the coils as latex or memory foam. The springs can also be damaged by constant movement.

Water Bed-Water beds are not compatible with adjustable beds that much. They can be heavy, they have the potential to leak, and they don’t provide support or movement.

Air Mattress– While air mattresses can be used for short-term travel or camping, they are not compatible with adjustable beds. An adjustable bed can obstruct airflow and restrict airflow. Be sure to check out Sleep Republic for more information about buying a single mattress.

Considerations For Your Adjustable Bed

Your adjustable bed should not only be about the type of mattress you choose. These are just a few other things you should keep in mind before looking into a mattress buying guide.

1. Mattress Size

It is important to choose a mattress that will fit your adjustable bed frame. The performance of your adjustable bed could be affected if the mattress is too large or too small.

2. Mattress Flexibility

The thickness of your mattress can affect its flexibility. It might be more difficult to adjust the mattress if it is too thick. A mattress should not exceed 12 inches in thickness.

3. Mattress Firmness

A mattress that is too rigid will not bend to an adjustable bed. However, a more flexible mattress will move better with the bed. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort if you have a firm mattress.

4. Mattress Durability

When choosing a best mattress for adjustable bed, flexibility and durability are crucial. The mattress’s durability ensures that it lasts for a long time, despite constant movement.

Best Mattresses For An Adjustable Bed

We’ve narrowed down our choices for adjustable beds based on the above factors. Below, we’ll discuss each to help you choose the right fit.

1. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses provide soft, bouncy support as well as pressure relief throughout the entire mattress. Latex is quick to rebound and does not have the same “sinking” sensation as memory foam. It is also extremely durable making it an excellent choice for an adjustable bed.

Latex Pros

  • High bounce-back capability
  • Avoids “sinking” feeling
  • Made with natural materials

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses provide gentle support, motion isolation, and contouring around the body. Memory foam is great for use with adjustable beds because it is so flexible. There are three types of memory foam: gel, open-cell and traditional.

Memory Foam Pros

  • Side sleepers should be gentle
  • People with joint pain will feel more comfortable
  • Absorbs and isolates motion
  • Flexible

3. Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress combines the best of foam and springs. These mattresses can be made up of layers of memory foam or latex, as well as springs and springs. These can provide great support, flexibility, pressure relief, body-cradling softness, and support.

Hybrid Pros

  • It doesn’t feel like foam, but it does not have that “sinking” sensation.
  • Softer than springs
  • Supports and relieves pressure points
  • Temperature regulation is important